Another Life Season 3: Is it happening or not?

Another Life Season 3
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Space missions and alien races, and the battles between mankind and them, is a trope that never gets old and keeps the viewers as excited as they can. Alien invasion brings about an adrenaline rush more than anything else. Such movies open the doors of our imagination and make us ponder the possibilities of life outside Earth, how it is not possible for us to be the only intelligent life in the whole observable universe with a diameter of 92 billion light-years. 

One such series that brought us eye to eye with one such advanced species is Another Life by Netflix. Two seasons of the series are already up on the platform available for streaming, and with that, fans have been talking about whether Another Life Season 3, is going to hit the screens or not. 

Here’s everything we know about Another Life Season 3:

Is Another Life Season 3 happening?

As per Katee Sackhoff’s February tweet, the third season of Another Life has been canceled by Netflix. It might be due to the deteriorating reviews and shows’ incapability of making a mark. 

Another Life Season 3 Release Date

Though it has been confirmed that Another Life Season 3 is clearly not happening for now, however, if any other streaming platform picks it up, we can expect it to hit the screens earliest by 2023.

Another Life Season 3 Trailer

Because of the cancellation by Netflix, there have been no new trailers so far. However, here’s the first trailer of the series in case you haven’t watched it yet. The trailer introduces us to a huge Mobius-shaped alien artifact that lands on earth, which creates enough stir among the people. 

While scientists try to communicate with the structure itself, a group takes a spaceship named Salvare to go into outer space to establish contact with the alien race that sent it to the earth.

Another Life - Katee Sackhoff | Official Trailer | Netflix

What could have been the plot of Another life Season 3?

**Spoilers alert**

By the end of Season 2, Achaia was all set to push the earth to annihilation as they saw the human race as a cancer that would spread through the galaxy if not stopped. By that time, it was pretty clear that they had no intentions of peace whatsoever. For a long time, the alien race seemed to be unstoppable, but the crew found a chink in its armor. They discovered that Archaia is not the actual alien race. It is an advanced Artificial Intelligence, which they were able to defeat by planting a human DNA-based virus. 

The Artifact got destroyed, and the rest surviving Archaians left the solar system. As the Achaians have been the oppressors for a very long time of the other races as well, the solar system was bombarded with messages from other races expressing their immense gratitude to chase the Achaians out. 

With the confirmation that there are multiple alien races in the solar system, Another Life Season 3 could have focused on a new mission to make contact and establish relations with such races through wormhole travel.

How many episodes are there in Another Life Season 2?

Season 2 had 10 episodes, with the final episode titled D-Day, that run for about 37 and 47 minutes, each.

Another Life Cast

PawsOfFury 3
Credits: Netflix
  • Katee Sackhoff plays Niko Breckinridge

She is an astronaut and commanding officer of the Salvare. She is responsible to track down where the alien artifact came from and establish contact with the alien race. 

  • Justin Chatwin plays Erik Wallace

He is Niko’s husband and works as a scientist in the United States Interstellar Command. He is responsible for investigating the possibility of intelligent life in outer space. Throughout the mission, he was looking into the crystalline structure built by the artifact on Earth. 

  • Samuel Anderson plays William

He is the Artificial Intelligence aboard the Salvare and works as an advisor to Niko, who treats him like any real person. He got infected by Archaians through another Ai name Gabriel. In order to save him, he was wiped and reinstalled as a new ‘factory reset’ version. 

  • Blu Hunt plays August Catawnee

He is the youngest crew member of the Salvare and works as the lead engineer. 

  • A.J. Rivera plays Bernie Martinez

He works as Salvare’s microbiologist and part-time chef.

  • Jake Abel plays Sasha Harrison

He is the son of the U.S. Secretary of Defense. He is on board with the crew on Salvare and acts as a representative of the authorities.