Apartment 404 First Look: BLACKPINK Jennie and Lee Jung Ha shine in the variety show

Credit: Instagram

Are you a huge K-drama fan? Then we have some good news for you. There is another tvN show coming up that is sure to keep you engrossed for a very long time. Yes, we are talking about Apartment 404 here. This variety show has been already making headlines because of its star-studded cast, one of whom is none other than BLACKPINK’s Jennie herself. Lee Jung Ha and Cha Tae Hyun are also among the cast of the show.

The Buzzing First Look

Talking about Apartment 404, the show is already keeping curious K-drama fans at the edge of their toes for a very long time. It was just recently that the star-studded lineup and the intriguing premise of the show were revealed, and yes, it received a lot of accolades from the audience already.

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What is the Story?

Apartment 404 is helmed by the noted director Jung Chul Min. For the unversed, he is known for the popular series titled Sixth Sense. Talking about the current show, it promises a thrilling blend of mystery and reality. The most intriguing part here is that that show is set within an apartment. It is here that six residents embark on uncovering the truth behind certain inexplicable occurrences within the place. Each episode seems to be grounded in real-life accounts. They present some distinct settings spanning various periods. This is surely going to challenge viewers to flex their investigative prowess while getting nostalgic by looking at the bygone eras.

The much-talked About Star Cast

It was way back on October 5, 2023, when speculations arose about BLACKPINK member Jennie being a part of the new show Apartment 404. Later, the names of the other cast members were also revealed along with the K-pop idol.

tvN further affirmed the inclusion of BLACPINK’s Jennie and Lee Jung Ha. This also hinted at an exciting dynamic within the same show. If that is not enough, the production team of the show is also scouting guests to enrich the diverse lineup.

For the unversed, Apartment 404 is scheduled for a premiere in the first half of 2024. Excited fans, including the BLINKs, are eagerly waiting for its release owing to the stellar star cast and the intriguing storyline.