Aquaman star Jason Momoa survives car accident following bike collision

Jason Mamoa
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Jason Momoa recently got into an accident as reported in multiple portals recently. The Game of Thrones actor is said to have collided head-on with a motorcyclist on a Los Angeles area road over the weekend. As per a report by Sunday, none of them was critically injured. According to another report published by TMZ, the incident took place when the motorcyclist crossed over into Jason Momoa’s lane and struck the front left side of his Oldsmobile. Thankfully, the actor was left unhurt after the accident.

Details on the incident

Reports suggest that the motorcyclist suffered minor injuries after bouncing off the Aquaman actor’s windshield. According to TMZ’s report, Jason Momoa was traveling on Old Topanga Canyon Road this Sunday near the Calabasas area where the accident happened. A motorcyclist traveling in the opposite direction made contact with the actor during his drive after which the alleged collision occurred. The rider was, fortunately, able to land on his feet after the accident. He cleared the hood of Momoa’s car and reportedly landed on the other side. As mentioned earlier, he had suffered injuries and was transported to the hospital to get treated for bruises on his leg and a thumb injury.

Jason Momoa’s personal life


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A few days ago, there were reports about Jason Momoa parting ways with Eiza Gonzalez. According to PEOPLE, a source has stated that Momoa, 42, and Gonzalez, 32, have called it quits. The shocking part was that their breakup news came just a month after the reports of the duo dating circulated in various portals. An insider has reportedly said that both of them are just ‘different people.’

While most reports are suggesting that Jason Momoa and Eiza Gonzelez have called it quits, another source has reported that the duo is hoping that they might work it out. The same source had added that the two of them love each other and that they had been dating quietly before the news became public. Yet another source has stated that things between the couple are pretty casual. As for Jason, the actor is said to be completely focused on his career now. The duo has reportedly realized that both of them are different and looking at different things.


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Jason Momoa and Eiza’s relationship

Jason Momoa was romantically involved with Eiza Gonzalez after his divorce from ex-wife Lisa Bonet. According to various reports, the Aquaman actor and the actress initially began as friends but quickly developed a chemistry. As for Momoa, he, along with Bonet, released a joint statement in January revealing that both of them are parting ways. The two of them said ‘I do’ four years ago. The two of them share two kids, Lola and Nakoa. Jason Momoa was also rumored to be dating Kate Beckinsale after he was spotted lending his jacket to her during an after-party of the Vanity Fair.