Archive 81 Season 2 is officially canceled by Netflix

archive 81 season 2
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Ordinary jump scares not your cup of tea anymore? Dark sinister rituals, cults, and documentaries attract you? Tired of the mundane movies that make you feel the blues in the horror genre? It is time you try a show that is going to make your life go upside down. Yes, 2022’s one-of-its-kind release, Archive 81.

And if you are wondering why so much craze about it, you should find it out yourself. And if you have already watched it then you surely must be looking forward to Archive 81 Season 2. Here is everything we know so far about it.

Will there be a Archive 81 Season 2?

Archive 81 Season 2

While there were speculations on a Season 2 considering the confusing and abrupt ending, Deadline has confirmed that there would be no new season. Blame it on the story as it was supposedly conclusive and answered all the plot-related questions by the final episode or whatever. The truth is Netflix has put a full stop to the series. But a lot of questions were still unanswered and that has not gone down well with the fans.

Where to watch Archive 81?

This 7-episode series is available on Netflix and has longer episodes than usual, they span between 54 minutes and 70 minutes each.

Recap of Season 1:

Archive 81 Season 2

The story revolves Dan who loves videotapes, he is seen having friends who sell him miscellaneous tapes for $1 each. He works at a History museum where he restores tapes and that is where he is approached by a big shot Company that had no information about them anywhere. They offered Dan good money to restore a few tapes which he turns down only to accept later as who says no to money.

Dan had always been attracted to the documentaries of a mysterious director who performed rituals, little did he know they were real. The tapes given to him were documentaries and on seeing them he found the director Melody stuck in the ‘Otherworld’. While a curious Dan goes in to save her the show ends when they are separated.

So, are there layers even to the other dimension? What about the people in the tapes? They are part of a cult which is headed by a mysterious she character and she has no reference to mythology whatsoever. Now the ending was a little abrupt wasn’t it? So the fans felt, that made a Season 2 necessary.

Archive 81 Season 2

What could have been the plot of Archive 81 Season 2?

If there would have been a second season it could have answered questions about where exactly Dan is? Was he the demon who destroyed his family? Is he a supernatural element in himself? What happened to the cult? It could have even given us a clue whether Melody is stuck there forever or a new way is found to let her out? Now there is never going to be an answer to these as the show has been canceled for the time being. If the podcast, on which the show is based, is back with a new season, Netflix still might renew the show again. But, only time is the witness along with us.

Archive 81 Season 2 

One thing is known for sure, that the audience today is much mature and hardcore consumers for content that is appealing and different, this does increase the competition and bars. The expectations from a new season, if any is going to be high. 

Fandom for Archive 81

The show was on the first number for a week till it was pushed by Ozark to two and remained there constantly for 3 weeks and that shows how well the show did. It also did well on IMDB with a 7.4 rating and a great Google viewer and Tomato meter score. People have accepted this genre wholeheartedly and the numbers speak the same.

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