Are BLACKPINK members going to renew their contracts with YG Entertainment

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Economic Times

Prominent securities firm researcher Lee Hwa Jeong from NH Investment & Securities highlights YG Entertainment’s immediate official explanation in response to contract renewal concerns for Lisa and BLACKPINK. The quick response time suggests the agency’s dedication to ensuring a smooth contract negotiation process and securing a favorable agreement with the group.

Strong Intentions and Past Precedence

Lee notes YG Entertainment’s proactive approach in addressing contract renewal rumors, highlighting the agency’s demonstrated commitment to BLACKPINK. Comparisons to past contract renewals, such as BIGBANG’s in 2011 and 2015, further support the notion of YG Entertainment’s favorable intentions. During those periods, BIGBANG’s schedules were significantly expanded, indicating a correlation between contract negotiations and increased activities.

Little Incentive for Contract Renewal Failure

Industry experts assess the current status of BLACKPINK’s activities and conclude that there is a minimal incentive for the contract renewal with YG Entertainment to fail. The recent decline in YG Entertainment’s stock price following speculation about Lisa’s contract renewal underlines the significance of this process. With BLACKPINK’s official schedule, including performances and discussions for potential future shows, it further indicates active negotiations for the contract renewal.


Based on positive signs and industry analysis, it appears highly unlikely that Lisa or any other member of BLACKPINK will part ways with YG Entertainment. The agency’s swift response, coupled with past precedents and ongoing discussions for future performances, suggests a strong likelihood of a successful contract renewal, ensuring the continued partnership between BLACKPINK and YG Entertainment.