Are BTS’ Jimin and actress Song Da Eun dating?

jimin song da eun
Credit: Instagram

The latest buzz in the K-pop world is that BTS member Jimin might be in a relationship with actress Song Da Eun. Speculations surrounding the status of their relationship have been put under the microscope for over two years now, and recent events have ignited the fuel to this fiery pit.

The two garnered dating rumors at first through coincidental venue sightings, and social events, which then caught heat and escalated to full-blown dating rumors. About the recent events that brought the rumors to a brimming edge, Song Da Eun posted an Instagram story featuring two earbud cases placed right next to each other.

One of the earbud cases was scribbled with the word ‘Da Eun,’ whereas the other one was penned ‘Jimin’ in lowercase letters. Fans who were closely following updates on the rumored couple were perplexed beyond recognition by what this picture might signify. Some speculate that Da Eun is signaling a confirmation of the romance rumors between the two, which may be a valid explanation.

However, staunch fans of the BTS members were not happy about the alleged union. Some fans thought the gesture on Da Eun’s part was all a ploy to be brought back into the spotlight, and that she is deliberately using Jimin to stay relevant.

One Twitter user opined, “Look I have no issue with him dating, but not girlfriend of private jimin will be this attention seeking, that’s all I’m saying.” This was met with vigorous agreement under the comment section with one user nodding, “Exactly,” whereas another speculated, “Please. No actual girlfriend would do this 😭😭😭.”

A third user was adamant on her opinion saying, “That woman is ridiculous, the real girlfriends of other idols never do that nonsense and don’t say anything on the contrary, they keep the secret very well,” while a fourth ruled, “I agree. If she truly was, (or is) his significant other, she wouldn’t do what she’s doing, because that goes against his wishes. He’s a private person, so he’d probably want a GF who’d respect that. I know if I was with Jimin, I’d never post anything without his consent.”

Now, whether Da Eun is doing this as a part of a publicity stunt, or whether the two are already a couple, still remains unclear.