Are BTS’ V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie dating?

Is BTS’ V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie dating?
Credits: Instagram

Despite the dating rules that prevail in the South Korean entertainment industry, people often speculate K-pop stars are dating each other and ship their names on social media platforms. Quite recently, fans have been mulling over the relationship between BTS’ V, aka Kim Taehyung, and BLACKPINK’S Jennie. More often than not, the names of these two Korean stars are often associated with each other, but this time ARMY and BLINKs are convinced that these two stars are dating each other.

During Kim Taehyung’s recent visit to LA, Jennie was seen with him, and there was a viral photo to evidence it. Be that as it may, people are questioning the authenticity of the viral photo. In the photo, you could see the Inner Child singer getting ready for the shoot and wearing an animal print shirt. Meanwhile, the Solo singer was seen wearing a lavender shirt and clicking a mirror selfie in the back.

Within no time, the photo took the Internet by storm, and the fans of both the idols did not abstain from showing full support and solidarity to them. However, some think that it is fake and photoshopped.

Fans’ reaction to V and Jennie’s leaked pic

One Twitter user wrote, “Not a Blackpink or BTS fan but even I can see this is a bad photoshop. Look at her hair and then the hair shadow on the wall. Nowhere near the same Jennie and V may be dating, but this is just edit.”

A second person tried to justify why the photo is fake. “if u photoshopped then make it without any flaws. 1. See the hair of Jennie in the back and compare it with her actual hair… 2. As u can see the red circle the mirror image of hair maker wear black cap and have blonde hair color and with white mask but the person in front of V doesn’t.”

A third user tweeted, “I won’t be surprised if Jennie and V are actually dating. I mean V “accidentally” followed J on ig for 5 seconds until armys went nuts like it was j’s fault lmao. And we shouldn’t really care tbh. They are humans ffs. Kpop idols are not nuns and priests. They need some lovin too.”

What does YG Entertainment have to say about these rumors?

As you can see in the picture, Jennie is wearing a blue sweater and black pants, whereas V is wearing the same outfit that he wore while traveling to Paris in June. After the photo surfaced online and fans started shipping them together, Soompi quoted YG Entertainment, saying, “BLACKPINK will depart the country on August 25, and they will be busy taking on a tight schedule in the United States including the MTV Video Music Awards performance as well as promotional activities for their second full-length album.”