Are SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu and Jeon SOMI’s dating? Here’s what we know

Are SEVENTEENs Mingyu and Jeon SOMIs dating Heres What We Know
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SEVENTEEN member Mingyu and soloist Jeon SOMI recently made headlines on several media outlets. Well, it is not related to their respective careers or upcoming ventures. So, what is the hype, actually? It so happened that both of them got embroiled in some dating rumors recently. For the unversed, it was driven by the observant eye of a netizen who noticed striking similarities in their Instagram posts. The controversy ignited when SOMI hosted a pre-listening party for her recent comeback EP “Game Plan.”

It saw various K-pop luminaries in attendance, including BTS’ RM, SEVENTEEN’s Woozi, TWICE’s Nayeon and Jihyo, GOT7’s Yugyeom, and HyunA. The rumors began again when Mingyu, on July 29, 2023, posted a photo donning a cardigan. For the unversed, it was remarkably similar to the one glimpsed in SOMI’s listening party snapshots, where a person is seen sporting her Game Plan album’s drawstring bag. Though only the cardigan and bag were visible, the image’s likeness became a point of discussion among the netizens.

Take a look at the allegedly similar pictures below!


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Netizen Reactions

An online community post fueled the flames of the dating rumors as the uncanny resemblance between the cardigans became a talking point. Netizens’ reactions were a mix of skepticism and criticism. While some cynically dismissed the relationship conjectures due to the recent controversy surrounding SEVENTEEN member Joshua’s alleged romantic involvement, others contended that even if there was any truth to the rumors, Mingyu and SOMI would likely refrain from displaying their relationship openly. A netizen posited that since Mingyu, Woozi, and The8 were present at the party, the photo might indeed be from that event. Neither PLEDIS nor THEBLACKLABEL, the respective agencies involved, have provided any official response, nor have the idols themselves addressed the speculations.

Fans Rally in Support of Mingyu and SOMI

Amid the conjectures, supporters of both artists joined forces to quell the fervor, asserting that their connection could be purely platonic. These fans reminded the community that not every shared detail in Instagram posts necessarily indicates a romantic involvement. Moreover, they pointed out that a multitude of idols attended the gathering, and SOMI also posted pictures with TWICE’s Nayeon and Chaeyoung, suggesting this particular snapshot might simply depict her interaction with a senior artist. Fans, concerned about a possible repeat of the vitriol Joshua endured due to past dating rumors, have rallied to shield him. With harsh comments directed at Joshua fresh in their minds, fans are now anxious that Mingyu could similarly become a target of unwarranted scrutiny.

In conclusion, the dating rumors between Mingyu and SOMI have ignited a variety of reactions among netizens, from skepticism to support, reflecting the complexity of celebrity relationships and the online scrutiny they face.