Armed carjacking foiled as suspects couldn’t drive Porche’s stick shift

Credits: YouTube/Fox 5

A carjacking attempt was foiled when the would-be thieves discovered that their target vehicle, Porche, had a stick shift, leaving them unable to proceed, according to the police.

Man pistol-whipped by would-be carjackers foiled by SUV with stick shift in Bethesda, police say

Carjackers allegedly could not drive a stick shift

According to the Montgomery County Police Department, the attempt unfolded this Sunday in Bethesda, Maryland, when two bold male suspects confronted the victim, Myo Maung and insisted on his keys. 

The nocturnal drama took an unexpected turn when the suspects hopped into the man’s vehicle only to discover they could not drive, allegedly due to their unfamiliarity with operating a car equipped with a manual transmission, revealed the department. The mysterious duo, still unidentified, then fled the place of the incident.

What did Maung’s dashcam footage capture?

Dashcam footage from Maung’s Porsche has also been obtained. It revealed a red Nissan pulling up next to his sports car outside his Bethesda Ramen restaurant around 11:50 p.m. on Sunday. At least three people were captured hopping out to confront him. The footage caught a man, wearing a grey hoodie and a mask, pulling out a gun, and leading the business owner away from the camera view.

He was then pistol-whipped and forced to hand over his keys, phone, and passport, according to Fox 5. The footage also caught the sound of one of the suspects attempting to drive the Porsche but failing because he could not drive a stick shift, as per cops. The footage also saw a man in the front passenger seat leaning out of the window, pointing a handgun at the sports car that they attempted to steal.

No gun shells were found

Maung, who sought refuge inside the restaurant, informed the police that he heard at least one gunshot. Despite his account, law enforcement did not discover any shell casings at the scene.