Azealia Banks Warns Taylor Swift Against Dating Matty Healy: Calls Him a ‘Full-On Incel’

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Credits: Instagram

In a series of Instagram stories, Azealia Banks expressed her concerns and warned Taylor Swift against dating Matty Healy, the frontman of The 1975. Banks referred to Healy as a “full-on incel” and criticized his character, suggesting that he is not deserving of someone like Swift, who has built a successful career and reputation.

Banks went on to propose alternative options within the music industry, mentioning James Mercer from The Shins as a potential cooler choice for Swift. She praised Mercer as one of the best lyricists ever, contrasting Healy’s supposed incel behavior.

Azealia Banks Reacts to Matty Healy’s Controversial Comments on Ice Spice

Azealia Banks’ rant against Matty Healy followed his appearance on The Adam Friedland Show, where he made derogatory comments about rapper Ice Spice. Healy, along with co-hosts Adam Friedland and Nick Mullen, mocked Ice Spice’s body and accent, using racist and insensitive language. Some of the remarks included calling her an “Inuit Spice Girl” and a “chubby Chinese lady.”

Banks shared a screenshot of Healy’s recent defense of the controversial episode and unleashed her criticism, describing his band as cliché and labeling him a lame poser and a small white opinionated male. She also highlighted the significance of black women in the music industry and accused Healy of being weak, drug-addicted, and lacking awareness of their value.

The Matty Healy and Ice Spice Controversy Explained

Matty Healy faced significant backlash for his offensive comments towards Ice Spice during his appearance on The Adam Friedland Show. Following the incident, Healy publicly apologized to Ice Spice during a concert in Auckland, New Zealand, expressing remorse for his remarks and assuring her that he did not intend to offend her. Healy’s comments on the podcast, combined with his alleged viewing of explicit videos that degraded women of color, further fueled the controversy.

Healy has since addressed the criticism he received for his controversial remarks in an interview with the New Yorker. He downplayed the significance of the episode, stating that it does not matter and dismissing anyone who takes offense as delusional.


Azealia Banks expressed her concerns about Taylor Swift potentially dating Matty Healy, warning her against it and criticizing Healy’s character. This came in response to Healy’s involvement in a controversial podcast episode where he made derogatory remarks about rapper Ice Spice. Healy faced backlash for his comments but later apologized to Ice Spice during a concert. Healy’s subsequent dismissal of the controversy drew further criticism.