‘Bachelor’ stars Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon expecting baby No. 2 together

Ashley Jared
Credits: Instagram

‘Bachelor’ stars Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon joyfully revealed on Monday that they are expecting their second child. While announcing the news with People, Iaconetti expressed feeling “overwhelmed as hell.” The pair, who are already parents to son Dawson, also expressed excitement about him having a sibling.

Haibon added, “Both of us come from families with two kids, so we wanted to give that to Dawson. I want that big family dynamic, but man, having so many kids is just so overwhelming.” While noting that this pregnancy has been a lot “easier than the other one,” Iaconetti hinted that they plan to stop at two kids, stating, “I don’t like the feeling of being pregnant. I never want to feel this again. Just don’t like it.”

Iaconetti and Haibon’s son is ‘already getting jealous’

The couple further talked about bringing their son along for their first doctor’s appointment, where they saw a sonogram. Describing the experience, the expectant mother expressed, “I try to teach him, ‘Where’s the baby? It’s in the belly!’ Sometimes I’m like, ‘Where’s the baby?’ And he’ll point to his belly. So he doesn’t get that it’s my belly. He has been extremely, even more so of a mommy’s boy since this child has been in my belly.” Haibon added, “So he is already getting jealous.”

Dawson was named after Leonardo Dicaprio’s character in ‘Titanic’

Iaconetti and Haibon, former stars of “Bachelor in Paradise” in 2015, celebrated the arrival of their first child on January 31, 2022. The couple shared that they named their son Dawson, drawing inspiration from Ashley’s admiration for Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in the 1997 film “Titanic.”

Iaconetti clarified in an interview with Us Weekly that the name was not influenced by James Van Der Beek’s character in “Dawson’s Creek.” She explained, “This is Jack Dawson from ‘Titanic ’-inspired. ‘Titanic’ has always been my favourite movie of all time,” she added. “I was 10 when I saw it.”

Iaconetti did not initially want to be a boy mama

Despite experiencing gender disappointment initially, as revealed on “The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast” in August 2023, Iaconetti embraced motherhood to a boy and hoped to have another. “Because then I’d want them to have that, hopefully, brother bond,” she said.

She further clarified that she does not care about the gender of their second child during a recent interview with US Weekly. “I care a lot less,” she said. “I’ve gone through phases where it was the first month or so knowing I was pregnant, I was like, ‘I can’t even imagine a girl. Do I even want a girl?’ And then I kind of switched where I was like, ‘No, I do want a girl. I can’t imagine not having a daughter at some point.’ And then I want [Jared] to be a girl dad and I just need somebody subdued, a little bit less wild.”

Haibon added, “We love Dawson so much, but that kid does not stop. “And then my niece, we go out to dinner and she sits there. She looks around, she does her thing and Dawson is, like, throwing things.”