Back to 15 Season 2 is renewed; Here’s what we know so far

Back to 15 Season 2
Credits: Netflix

How do we remember our teenage years? Having fun at the canteens or feeling the butterflies by seeing our first crush? The feeling of entering and nearing adulthood is so uncertain yet thrilling that one wants to always return to it. We want to change our confessions to our first love or apologize for pulling the prank. But time never returns. A show which strikes the right chord in our heart by drawing a parallel between what would happen if your present self is stuck in your 15 year old self, Back to 15 Season 2 is now renewed.

Here is all we know so far about Back to 15 Season 2:

Back to 15 Season 2

Back to 15 Season 2 Release Date

The only thing we know as of now is that Back to 15 Season 2 is happening without any uncertainties, as Netflix has decided to renew the show after its massive success. The sad part is we don’t have a release date yet, but we can hope that Back to 15 Season 2 will be here by winter 2023. For starters, this is a great news.

Back to 15 Season 2 Plot

Back to 15 Season 2
Credits: Gabriel Stauffer/Instagram

In Season 1, the story is focused on Anita and her friends and family. We saw that Anita goes back into her 15-year-old self at 30. How? Watch the show to find out. The Season ended with Joel, Anita’s friend, finding out the trick to time travel accidentally. So, Back to 15 Season 2 might show how this other protagonist will see his teenage years with Anita. Their dialogues and word exchanges with each other or their little banters will, once again, remind us of our High School friends.

We also saw, in the last season, that Joel developed feelings for Anita and wanted to take her out on a date, which didn’t happen because Anita was in a different country altogether. Hence, this season will focus on Joel, and it will be his version of the story. We might even see a love angle between Joel and Anita, and they might even end up as a couple unless the story goes through further twists and turns and Joel tries to change the present completely by visiting the past and maybe even seeking revenge on Anita for not turning up for their planned date.

Back to 15 Season 2 Cast

Back to 15 Season 2

The cast is quite diverse, you have 2 people playing the same person, a younger self and an adult one, now that brings in a lot of drama as there are conflict of emotions even on set. While we do not know about any additions yet, the core cast will remain the same.

  • Maisa Silva plays Anita.
  • Camila Queiroz playa adult Anita.
  • Klara Castanho plays Carol, Anita’s cousin.
  • Yana Sardenberg plays adult Carol.
  • Amanda Azevedo as Luiza, Anita’s sister.
  • Mariana Rios as adult Luiza.
  • Guilherme plays Fabrício.
  • Bruno Monteleone plays adult Fabrício.
  • Antonio Carrara as Joel.
  • Gabriel Stauffer as adult Joel.

Back to 15 1

How many episodes will be there in Back to 15 Season 2? 

The show’s Season 1 has 6 episodes with a runtime of around 40 minutes each. Comparatively shorter to the usual Netflix series, we can expect Season 2 to have more episodes or longer ones, but we do not know anything yet.

Where to watch Back to 15?

The show, with the original name De Volta Aos, is officially available on Netflix worldwide, but of course, with a subscription. 

Back to 15 Recap

Back to 15 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Anita is a woman now, 30, tired navigating through the struggles of life and adulthood. Her only wish remains to go back to half her age self when she was carefree, happy and always ready to take risks. Her wish is granted, and now an adult her is stuck in an innocent and carefree her. Weird, isn’t it?

She feels stupid about her actions initially but slowly starts enjoying her mistakes as that is what shapes her life; she also gets cautious and takes the steering in her hands as this time, she does not want to end up like the 30 year old woman she has become. A tried concept about age related miracles and slipping back into childhood; the show is a powerpack of emotions which makes it a must watch.

The fans are excited to dive deep into the story again and live their high school days one more time. So stay tuned for all the new updates on Back to 15 Season 2.