Bad Bunny’s New Single ‘Un Preview’ is a banger; Marks his final release of 2023

Bad Bunny Un Preview

The initial anticipation of a chart-topping single drop, the incessant bombardment of updates hours to minutes to seconds to milliseconds before the ultimate drop, and finally the countdown till the music video goes live. This brief yet nail-biting journey is worth every second when a billboard serial topper raises the anticipation radar five days before the drop.

Bad Bunny’s new single ‘Un Preview’ dropped on Monday 25th September at 8 pm (Puerto Rico time) but not before ensuring that his 12 million followers on his WhatsApp channel (a newly-added feature on the platform) got a taste of what is to come in the newest single.

It has been only about two days since the release, and the music video is already at 6.1 million views and 685k likes so far. Un Preview is already ahead in its likes and general public reception of Bunny’s music, solidifying his title as a Grammy winner. The singer teased that it is probably his last song of 2023 saying, “It is a small preview of what is coming next year, possible that this will be the last song [I release] this year.” 

The Puerto Rican singer continued his long-term association with the music video director Stillz who is the leading man in the game at the moment, making Un Preview an artistic masterpiece. The video features rodeos wearing jeans and cowboy hats, grinding to the beat. Along with that, the 2:51 minute video also features two horses, one real (a stealthy black mare) and a mechanical wobbly one( like the ones you find in a theme park). And of course the singer himself in casual jeans, a white and a blue cap mouthing the lyrics and vibing out in front of a taupe Rolce Royce. Check out the official music video down below:

Bad Bunny - UN PREVIEW (Video Oficial)

Variety reports that the Grammy-winning artist had been teasing his new release since September 20th on his Whatsapp channel, stating that the release will take place before the month ends. Here is what he said, “ “I don’t know if this will make you happy, but I’m going to release one more song this year, and it’ll be out before September ends.” Following this sneak peek, on 24th September, a day before the official release, artist born Benito Martínez Ocasio teased a 17-second long clip with a caption in Spanish, which Billboard translated to “In case you like it and are interested to know, [the song] comes out tomorrow Monday at 8 p.m. Puerto Rico time.” The snippet showed an obscure picture of Bunny with a white tee and a blue baseball cap, imitating his appearance in the official video. The song kicks off with the idiosyncratic melody of Bunny singing in Spanish, ” “Baby yo se que cuando te atrevas yo me voy a enamorar…”(“Baby, I know that when you dare, I’m going to fall in love…”).

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The singer who is rumoured to be dating supermodel and reality show star Kendall Jenner is currently the talk of town due to this alleged union that has the media fawning over them, capturing every adorable moment they share. His ‘Un Preview’ comes tailing after his May release “Where She Goes,” an amalgamation of hip-hop and house beats that bagged No. 1 on the Billboard Global 200 chart and Latin Airplay. Earlier still, Bunny explored his creativity in the realm of norteño-cumbia when he partnered with Grupo Frontera on “un x100to,” which was voted no.3 on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart, and later hit No. 1 on both the Latin Airplay chart and Billboard Global Excl. U.S. chart.

Bunny’s singing career and personal life are taking the rocketship to the moon as his music is entering its new era of versatility and he is exploring his artistic freedom at will, giving the audience a stream of chart-toppers, truly putting him on the map. We can’t wait to see what he brings to the table next year, as his alleged final single of the year ‘Un Preview’ hits the platform.