Bear attacks security guard inside Colorado hotel kitchen, remains on the loose

Credits: Representational image

A bear reportedly broke into the kitchen of a hotel in Aspen, Colorado, and attacked a security guard on Monday night. He is currently being sought by wildlife officers for safety reasons. 

The attack took place around 11 p.m. at the St. Regis Aspen Resort when the security guard entered the hotel to investigate reports of a bear’s presence, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) said in a news release on Tuesday, as per People.

What is the condition of the guard?

The guard reportedly encountered the bear “as he was going around a corner into another area of the kitchen,” surprising the bear in the process, the agency said. The bear then attacked the guard, swiping at him and knocking him to the ground. 

The man managed to escape the bear and dial 911 for immediate assistance. First responders arrived at the scene and brought the guard to a nearby hospital, where he received medical attention for scratches on his back. He was discharged early Tuesday morning.

The bear is still on the loose

The department reported that wildlife officers arrived at the scene shortly after midnight on Tuesday to investigate and search for the bear. Their investigation determined that “the bear had entered the hotel through a series of doors near the courtyard.”

“Wildlife officers were also able to get a description of the bear, including specific identification markers to assist in locating and properly identifying the bear,” officials wrote, as per People. “CPW wildlife officers remained in the area to search for the bear responsible for the attack.”

Following the incident, the bear was located near the hotel early Tuesday morning by the wildlife officers. However, they were unable to tranquilize and capture it due to public safety concerns. Wildlife officers are expected to return to the area Tuesday evening to continue the search.

‘Bears are still active’

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife said that the incident “serves as an unfortunate reminder that bears are still active as they prepare for hibernation.”

“It is common for people to see bears and other wildlife inside Aspen town limits,” the agency warned. “It is everyone’s responsibility to give wildlife space and remember the importance of being ‘bear aware’ at all times.”