Beauty tips to learn from Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner
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There are hardly a few who doesn’t know Kylie Jenner. The reality TV star and makeup mogul is the youngest self-made billionaire in the world. She is just 24 and has already been featured on the Forbes list. Her beautiful looks are enough to leave the fans in awe.

Kylie Jenner’s social media accounts are enough to break the internet in a day. The best part about this diva is that she looks beautiful with or without makeup. She is known to follow an effective yet simple skincare routine. However, it is her sassy makeup looks that create sensation all the time.

So, if you have always wondered the secret of Kylie Jenner’s jaw-dropping flawless makeup looks, we are here to spill the beans.

Beauty and Makeup Tips to Learn from Kylie


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1. Eyes first

This is one of the first tips that you will get in any Kylie Jenner make-up routine. The mogul recommends that the first step of your make-up routine should begin with the eyes. So, the next time you start putting on make-up, ensure that it’s your eyes and not the foundation!

2. Highlight first, foundation next

Let’s accept it. For us, the basic step to apply make-up is putting several coats of that high-definition foundation. However, it’s a big no-no. Another important tip given by the diva is that you should always apply a highlighter before foundation. That prevents the artificial makeup look that no one usually likes to display when going out. The makeup queen also talks about the areas in which you should use the highlighter – your cheekbones, bridge, and tip of the knows, and of course, the cupid’s bow.

3. The eyeshadow hack

Did you know that you can double up your eyeshadow as a liner? Well, Kylie says so and we absolutely believe her! So, if you are tired of using the same old liner, try some amazing hacks with colorful eyeshadows.

4. A daily skincare routine

Kylie jenner beauty tips
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Kylie is a simple girl like you and me and this fact may surprise many of you. However, it is true that her mantra for perfect skincare is nothing but a CTM routine.

5. Take a break

While we girls love makeup absolutely, Kylie says that it is okay to take a break at times. It allows your skin some time to breathe and also saves it from all the chemical exposure.

6. Moisturization is the key

This is one of the best and most basic tips given by Kylie Jenner. If you want to make your skin soft and supple, then moisturization is the key.

7. Blush for a natural look


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Using blush is good, but make sure it looks natural on your skin. That is what Kylie does when applying it to her cheeks to get a natural pinkish glow.

8. Wet the sponge

Tired of having a cakey foundation? Try wetting the sponge and you are done! Not only Kylie but every other makeup artist in the world recommends the same.

Ever wondered why Kylie looks so natural in her pictures and videos? Now you got the answer! Try following these makeup tricks of hers and you are good to be in vogue.