Best anime to watch on Netflix in October 

Best animes to watch on Netflix in October 
Credits: IMDb

If not other things, Netflix is popularly known for its anime library. With its quality-over-quantity feature, Netflix is all set to stream some of the critically acclaimed animes this year. However, on a sad note, the streaming giant will no longer be streaming all nine seasons of Naruto from November 2022.

In addition to streaming the quintessential series, Netflix library also boasts its originals, equally interesting and popular as the ones belonging to the anime canon. From action and comedy to romance, a variety of anime genres are available for streaming on Netflix. If you’re looking forward to exploring the anime verse, continue reading the article because we have made a list of some of the most binge-worthy anime just for you. 

5 best anime to watch on Netflix without fail

1. Tekken: Bloodline 

Tekken: Bloodline | Official Trailer | Netflix

Based upon Tekken 3, Tekken: Bloodline revolves around a fifteen-year-old Jin Kazama who wants to avenge his mother. The structure of the story and the character arc, although based on a video game, grabs the attention of the viewers by slowly peeling off the layers of Jin’s family history and his constant fight against fate. 

2. Little Witch Academia

Little witch Academia - Trailer [HD] l Netflix

Directed by Yoh Yoshinari, Little Witch Academia is quite ambushed by some of the classic and more popular anime in the streamer’s library. It follows the life of Atsuko Kagari who desires to be a world-class witch. The catch is, she belongs to a non-magical background. However, she somehow manages to get herself into Luna Nova Magical Academy, which leads to a series of lighthearted episodes that grabs the attention of the viewers. 

3. Death Note


Another classic anime Death Note follows the life of a teen, Light Yagami who comes across a magical notebook that permits him to kill anyone he wants. All he needs to do is write their name inside the notebook. This follows a slew of hide-and-seek episodes between him and the investigator who is adamant about finding the perpetrator of these crimes. Directed by Tetsuro Araki, Death Note is not just about actions, it also dives deeper into the question of loyalty, morality, friendship and justice. The portrayal of the world as an interminable dumpster fire, this anime won’t abstain from exploring the darker side of humans.

4. Record of Ragnarok

Record of Ragnarok | Official Trailer 2 | Netflix

Constituted in 12 episodes, Record of Ragnarok is a perfectly binge-worthy, war-of-the-world type anime that you cannot fail to watch. With a suitable pace, traditional animation and the race to victory, who wouldn’t want to re-watch this beaut? If you are a fan of The Seven Deadly Sins, you must dive straight into this war with the pantheon of Gods. You never know who might win between humans and Gods.

5. Spriggan

Spriggan | Official Trailer | Netflix

Based on the manga by Hiroshi Takashinge and Ryoji Minagawa, Spriggan is a Netflix Original sci-fi anime series that made its place in the Netflix library on 18th June 2022.

The official synopsis of Spriggan, according to IMDb, reads, “An ancient alien civilization’s relics on Earth hold dangerous powers. The ARCAM corporation’s Spriggan agents must keep them out of the wrong hands.”