Best dramas on Netflix right now

Top 5 Controversial Netflix Shows of 2023

Who doesn’t love to watch series and films based on drama genres? The seemingly captivating storyline, the methodical acting of the casts, the twists and turns, the emotions captured in between, the love and the betrayal all seems just over the top in the drama genres but we still love to watch them. Well in this setting of the year of 2023, Netflix has added a whole lot of series that will surely charm you with their latest drama genres and keep you entertained throughout. It will cheer you up on your low days and be the best of a companion on your lonely nights when you have no plans to execute.


With the addition of these drama series, it has created a whole lot of buzz among it’s viewers and people are going gaga over these series. Well you too don’t have to wait any longer because in this article we will tell you about the few drama series that have snatched the limelight due to its popularity and are truly binge-worthy. Stay till the end of the article to know about them. 

Ginny & Georgia

Ratings: 7.5

No. Of season: 2

Genre: Twisted Drama

Released on: 5th January, 2023

Cast: Brianne Howey, Antonia Gentry, Felix Mallard and others…

Best dramas on Netflix right now


On the very release of its first season, people have quite liked it because of the setting of the dramatic theme with a teen facing issues with her mother and trying to adjust with the latter’s new school. The season two has quite been the same keeping it’s note-worthy performance at its best. It’s purely dramatic with high-end suspense since the protagonist of the story, Georgia Miller is continuously seen hiding something. She has two children from different husbands and is all set to marry the town counsellor. However with all the continuous clips shown between her past and present, will surely keep you hooked and entertained. With every passing second you will feel what’s going to happen next and this is something that has made it worthy of watching. 


Ratings: 7.7

No. Of season: 4

Genre: Crime-drama

Released on: 9th March, 2023

Cast: Penn Badgley, Victoria Pedretti, Tati Gabrielle and others…

These back to back four seasons have made its audiences become a huge fan of this series. The setting of the thrilling drama, the true crime scenes and the eccentric acting of the casts is something to praise about. The story revolves around a psychotic lover Joe who becomes obsessed with random women he comes across and gets driven by them. The level of obsession that’s shown in this series is really thrilling and the limitless stalking of Joe for his dream woman and clearing any obstacles coming his way, runs chill down our spine for sure. The sheer elements of thrill and drama has what made it a binge-worthy series. 

Vikings: Valhalla

Ratings: 7.3

No. Of season: 2

Genre: Historical Drama

Released on: 12th January, 2023

Cast: Leo Sutar, Frida Gustavsson, Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson and others…

Best dramas on Netflix right now


This adventure based drama series is about the greatest Vikings that lived in the early 11th century and their legendary journey that followed. It’s a sequel of The Vikings and fans couldn’t wait any longer to give this a watch. It shows the journey of the men and the women who survive all the odds just to be in the human race and adjust themselves with the changing world. It has great scenes showcasing historical monuments that added to the realistic material of the series and also with the great direction and casting of the character’s that has transformed this series into a notable good series to watch in your free-time. 

Outer Banks

Ratings: 7.5

No. Of season: 3

Genre: Mystery thriller drama 

Released on: 23rd February, 2023

Cast: Madelyn Cline, Chase Stokes, Rudy Pankow and others…

This stunning series of adventure and mystery drama is sure to captivate anyone with its amazing story plot and casting, showing the plight of a few teenagers who set themselves on a mission to hunt down a treasure which the protagonist thinks is somehow linked with her father’s disappearance. It has all the elements of drama, humour, action and emotion perfectly blended to suit the choice of its viewers. The plot is full of suspense themes with intense story telling giving the details of every character’s past. It’s an engaging series to watch along with your friends and family as per our recommendation.


Ratings: 6.6

Genre: Psychological thriller drama

Released on: 8th April, 2023

Cast: Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying, Nopachai Chaiyanam, Gunn Svasti and others….

Best dramas on Netflix right now


Apart from this movie focusing just on food, it also gives us a peek into the lives of the two chefs who are constantly engaging themselves in a rage to compete against each other to become the number 1 in owning a restaurant. It’s set on a political backdrop and focuses on the general problems or minute clashes that take place within the culinary world. The plot and the staging of the whole cast is done in such a finite way that one can’t ignore giving it a watch. If you are among those who love to watch intense and engaging films then do give this movie a watch. 

Luther: The Fallen Sun

Ratings: 6.4

Genre: Thriller drama

Released on: 24th February, 2023

Cast: Idris Elba, Andy Serkis, Cynthia Erivo and others…

Luther: The Fallen Sun | Official Trailer | Netflix

This movie is a sequel of the previous Luther and is surely a mind-blowing one according to its craze among the viewers. 


This suspense movie is based on a detective who escaped out of the prison just to hunt down a serial killer all by himself. It’s entertaining and at the same time intriguing because of its action scenes and twisted plot. The acting is sure to be praised, especially that of the villain and the unbelievable things happening every now or then. It’s engaging and quite interesting to make its viewers keep watching it till the end. Every scene has some vital element which you won’t be able to skip and is surely one watchable movie. 

Don’t miss out watching these absolute bingeable, stunning and mind-blowing dramas of all time which got released this year and spend your free time in the right way. They have a gripping plot to them which will awe its viewers with their performances as well as the suspense. So don’t wait any longer and dive deep into the world of these movies.