Best horror anime of all time

best horror anime of all time

Japanese anime has a distinct manner of storytelling. There is a big culture in Japan of telling scary stories in folklore, and there are many urban legends on the internet, so expectations from a horror genre anime are also high.

A good horror anime will make a chill run down your spine and catch you off guard with its twisted and dark climax. It’s one of the hardest emotions to elicit from a viewer when the medium is cartoon or animation.

But there are some anime that have done it. They have scared viewers across the world with their terrifying and blood-curdling horror stories. So, check out this list of the best horror anime of all time to watch.


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Yomiyama North Middle School became the center of strange cases of incidents and suicides following the death of a student at the school. The students of the school consciously decide to pretend that their dead schoolmate is still alive and among them, which ends up inviting a ghost who only causes further chaos and loss.

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mononoke anime

It is an anthology series, a medicine seller uses his vast knowledge and experience of spirits and ghosts to eliminate Mononoke, a kind of evil spirit that looks to latch up on negative human emotions. Mononoke is a 2007 anime series that is getting a film made on it, which is supposed to be out in 2024.

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Perfect Blue

perfect blue

Blurring the very line between reality and fictive imagination, Perfect Blue is the perfect watch for horror genre fans. The storyline revolves around a female idol who has retired from the entertainment industry and is trying to live an ordinary life. But soon, it is disturbed when she suspects that she is being stalked. A movie that delves into the psyche of the human mind, Perfect Blue is one of the best horror anime of all time.

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Theatre of Darkness: Yamishibai

theatre of darkness

Integrated with the Japanese culture and some urban legends, Theatre of Darkness: Yamishibai is an anthology series of horror stories. Every story nails down the essential chill-raising narration, and the scary message they give will keep you awake at night. This 2013 anime has 11 seasons and deserves to be one of the best horror anime of all time.

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mieruko chan

A strange combination of a slice of life and horror, Mieruko-chan is a 2021 anime that revolves around a schoolgirl who can see ghosts. Although not twisted, the presence of the gory ghosts around Mieruko-chan is a hindrance in her daily life, where she has to pretend in front of her family and friends to be normal.

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Ajin: Demi-Human

ajin demi human

Ajin: Demi-Human is a 2016 anime set in a world where there is a species called Ajin, a kind who are unable to be killed. Kei, after being hit by a bus and immediately coming back to life, discovers he is an Ajin, and this makes him a wanted criminal, as is the fate of Ajins. Now, Kei has to find out who he can trust when he is hunted by both humans and Ajins.

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When They Cry

when they cry

In the tiny and tranquil village of Hinamizawa, a group of friends are having the best time of their lives by hanging out and playing together. One day, Keichi addresses his friends and asks them to participate in a mystery hunt. The mystery leads them to uncover one of the darkest secrets of their lives. The show is known for its high-intensity scenes where only a mere ordinary dialogue makes its viewer a creep and wonders what the character means.

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Devilman Crybaby

devilman crybaby

Unpredictable and mind-blowing, Devilman Crybaby is a 2018 anime about power and the struggle of being good or strong in a world where only the powerful are able to survive. This anime, which is filled with biblical inspirations, went on to win the award for Best Feature Film at the Cristal Award.

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shiki anime

Doubts and suspicion envelop the new family who has moved into town after a series of murders occur. Shiki is a vampire and hides her identity. But the killings and suspicions force her to take center stage. Shiki is considered to be one of the best horror anime of all time.

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Happy Sugar Life

happy sugar life

If ‘never judge a book by its cover’ was meant for an anime, it would be Happy Sugar Life. Unlike its sweet and fluffy name, the 2018 anime is filled aplenty with bloody deaths and horrific accidents. Satou, the protagonist, is a popular and flirty schoolgirl who has told everyone that she lives with her aunt. But actually, she lives with innocent Shio, with whom she is in love. To protect this love and Shio’s innocence, Satou can go to any lengths, even if she has to kill.

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