Best Netflix shows that you might have missed watching in August

Credits: NETFLIX

August 2023 has some of the summer’s greatest releases, including movies you won’t want to stop watching, and fortunately, with so many amazing performances on the horizon, you won’t have to. However, not every new Netflix series premiering in the last month of summer is worth racing to see as soon as it becomes available on the streaming service. Some shows will be popular but not for everyone, and they are the ones that most viewers should avoid.

Here’s a list of the best Netflix shows that you might have missed watching in August.

Heartstopper Season 2 (Release: August 3, 2023)

Heartstopper fans have been anticipating the second season of the Emmy Award-winning Netflix adolescent romance dramedy series since April 2022. Following the success of its first season, Netflix swiftly renewed Heartstopper for two more seasons. Finally, on August 3, we were reunited with Charlie, Nick, and their pals for more profound coming-of-age adventures. If you haven’t already given it a watch, you better do.

Heartstopper: Season 2 | Official Teaser | Netflix

Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 (Release: August 3rd, 2023)

There’s no chance you missed The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Part 2 if you saw Part 1. You may have even skipped viewing Part 1 in order to see the entire season. Part 2 was released on August 3 and addressed all of our questions concerning Lisa’s murder trial. Did she commit the crime? Is she truly blameless? See the series to know what happens.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 | Part 2 Official Trailer | Netflix

The Upshaws Part 4 (August 17, 2023)

You know you need some chuckles, and with comedy series (particularly on Netflix) being scarce, there’s no better time to catch up on new episodes of The Upshaws. Part 4 of the funny family sitcom premiered on August 17, and if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s one of Netflix’s most undervalued sitcoms.

The Upshaws: Part 4 | Announcement | Netflix

One Piece (Release: August 31, 2023)

On August 31, the highly awaited live-action adaptation of the fan-favorite manga series will conclude the month of Netflix’s new releases. One Piece will be one of the widely discussed and popular Netflix programs in August (and beyond). Whether you’re acquainted with the series or not, it’s worth checking out solely for the excitement.

ONE PIECE | Official Teaser Trailer | Netflix

Painkiller (Release: August 10th, 2023)

Have you been waiting for the new Netflix limited series to start watching? It’s been a while since a limited series debuted on the service, but on August 10, one of the summer’s most anticipated new titles had come. Painkiller, a six-episode-produced limited series starring Matthew Broderick and Uzo Aduba, is set in America during the opioid crisis. Don’t pass it up!

Zombieverse (Release: August 8th, 2023)

There are lots of zombie films and series to watch, and maybe you’ve seen them all and are seeking something fresh to watch. On August 8, Netflix released Zombieverse, a Korean reality show that transforms Seoul into a “zombie universe” in which competitors must fight for survival.

Zombieverse | Official Teaser | Netflix

The Chosen One (August 16th, 2023)

The Chosen One, a new Mark Millar series, launches on August 16, and lovers of teen-skewing fantasy dramas will undoubtedly watch all six episodes. In the series, a 12-year-old boy escapes an accident and realizes he has Jesus-like abilities.

The Chosen One | Official Teaser | Netflix