Best skincare tips for summer


As we say hello to summers, they have already taken a toll on our skin. Pollution, humidity, sweat, and scorching heat have all added to our skin woes and may have already invited some unwanted rashes and infections.

So, you must be already wondering about the ways to keep your skin radiating as it was earlier. Well, we are here again with some easy tips for your skincare routine this summer.

Summer skincare tips

Summer skincare
Credit: Pexels

As the summer season is gripping its clutches over the country, we understand that you need to take care of your skin. Here is when we come up with some easy tips for you to take care of your skin this season.

  • Exfoliation is a must

The ground rule of skincare during the summer season is to exfoliate your body, in particular, your skin. The body sheds skin cells at an enormous rate every single day. So, your skin will look dull and dry if you do not get rid of them through exfoliation.

  • Sunscreen for you

It’s time you get a new sunscreen for yourself having UVA or UVB protection with SPF 30 and SPF 70. Try using a full shot glass for your body and a teaspoon of sunscreen for your face. Also, make sure to reapply the product every 1-2 hours to ensure you don’t get a suntan.

  • Apply minimal makeup

The less makeup you do, the more you are comfortable during summers. Natural looks are the best when you are under the sun. However, if you still intend to use a foundation, make sure to apply some face powder with SPF so that you don’t get patchy skin.

  • Water is your best friend

summer skincare
Credit: Pexels

Make sure to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day, and if possible, carry a water bottle with you all the time. Water not only keeps you fresh but also avoids dehydration that may affect your health.

  • Hydrate your body

The best way to hydrate your body during the summer season is to use lightweight lotion. You can look for something that absorbs fast into your body so that you don’t have to wait for the product to sink in. A light refreshing fruity lotion is all you need this summer.

  • Summer glow

Summer skincare

It’s never too late to add a little summer tint to your skin. Try using a sunless tanner to give your skin the most beautiful start this season. If you do not want to use these tanners on your body, try to use them on your face and get ready for a happy glow soon!Our skin needs extreme care during the summer season. So, make sure to take care of your skin as you pack your bags to go on a beach holiday!