Best ways to choose the perfect lipstick shade


You need to consider multiple factors when choosing the perfect shade for your lips. Everyone knows that adding color to their lips makes a huge difference in the way they look. However, it is significant for each one of you to know the color that best suits your complexion. You must wear shades that match not only your tone but also your outfit.

The best colors for various skin tones


Nudes, bold colors, and light pinks are perfect for light or fair skin tone. On the other hand, the shades of cherry red and mauves look best on medium skin tones. On the other hand, people with dark skin tone can choose the deep shades of purples or browns. The ideal shade must always be one or two shades darker than the natural lip color.

Significance of lipstick shades

Natural lip colors play a significant role in determining the correct lipstick shades. If you have thin lips, you must avoid dark colors as they tend to make your lips look thinner. Moreover, you must also avoid creamy textures if you have thin lips. You can make your lips look fuller with shimmery and glossy textures. You must outline your lips with a lip liner to define them well before you apply your lipstick.

Pink, oranges, and warm lipstick shades work best during the summer season. They will always be in trend during this time. Moreover, the colors also flatter almost every skin tone. If you have dry flaky lips, try hydrating them using creaming lipsticks. Although matte lipsticks ensure a longer stay, they can accentuate each line of the lips. However, you must avoid matte lipsticks if you have dry lips. If you want an even better finish, you can apply a lip balm ahead of applying a matte lipstick.

Final thoughts


According to a report published in the Vogue, there is no perfect lipstick shade for Indian skin tones. The reason behind the same is that no one knows what one’s skin color is, and which undertone suits the same. If you are on a hunt for the perfect lip shade for you, we recommend trying several textures or colors before you buy them to be sure which lip color suits you the best.