Bethenny Frankel faces backlash for posting bikini photos of 13-year-old daughter

Bethenny Frankel
Credits: Bethenny Frankel/Instagram

Bethenny Frankel is once again getting bashed for her actions. The former “Real Housewives of New York City” star is under the radar of netizens who are questioning her parental decisions. This time, Frankel is facing criticism for sharing bikini photos of her 13-year-old daughter, Bryn, on Instagram.

The reality TV star posted a slideshow of snaps featuring the mother-daughter duo enjoying the beaches of Turks and Caicos. In the caption, Frankel wrote, “Two jerks in TURKS. After a hardworking year, mixed with some medical issues, this trip was an impulse decision and I think we made a good choice…” She continued, “New Year’s resolutions incoming and being crafted as we speak… xoxo.”


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What did Bethenny Frankel post on Instagram?

In the shared photos, the former Bravolebrity can be seen wearing a vibrant one-piece swimsuit paired with a matching long skirt, complemented by stylish Gucci sunglasses and a straw fedora in a series of photos. Frankel also posted pictures of her daughter, Bryn, enjoying the sun in a light-blue bikini. However, these images stirred controversy with many users questioning Frankel’s actions.

‘Please keep your daughter out of social media’

Critics expressed concerns about the appropriateness of sharing swimsuit photos of Frankel’s teenage daughter. “Swimsuit shots of your daughter are so Inappropriate and exploitive [sic],” a top commend read. “Please keep your beautiful daughter out of social media too young,” another user wrote.

“Love you but the internet is an awful place you outta remove Bryn’s bikini pic, although I fear it’s already too late,” a third comment read. “Not sure the picture of your young daughter is a great idea considering some of the people on social media ,” a user agreed.

“Wonder what her dad thinks of bethenny posting pics like this on sm..” a troll stated about Frankel’s second ex-husband and Bryn’s father, Jason Hoppy. “Too young. . Shouldn’t have post this pic of her daughter. She’s beautiful and well…. there’s too many creeps out there,” a follower said.

“She’s only 13 might want to put some clothes on or on social media.!” another added. “You should know better. There’s a bunch of whack goes [sic] out there and you’re just giving them lunch.. I do wonder why you want her to grow up so fast..”

Fans of Frankel came in her defence

Fans of Frankel rushed to defend the Skinnygirl founder, arguing that sharing photos of her teenage daughter in swimwear is entirely appropriate. “STOP THE MEAN COMMENTS. Bethenny is obviously a wonderful mother who wants to share and have memories of all the amazing experiences her and her daughter have,” a fan wrote. “Including sitting in their house cuddling their dogs, cooking together. What she wears is totally appropriate.”

“Some of these comments though people have a lot of nerve while sitting behind a screen,” a second person added. “To me, these pics look like a mother and daughter bonding during a trip for the holidays. Bikinis aren’t allowed? Husbands have to be there?”

“Some of these comments – Jesus Christ the pearl clutching,” a third comment read. “Bryn isn’t 8 years old. She’s a teenager. Bethenny knows what’s best for her child. I can’t believe I’m commenting on a strangers IG, but here we are.” A netizen said, “People always throwing hate. Why?! They are a dynamic mother/daughter duo.”