Bethenny Frankel roasts Kim Kardashian’s Christmas decorations: ‘It’s some of your best work’

Bethenny Frankel
Credits: Instagram

Getting into the holiday spirit, RHONY star Bethenny Frankel had some fun teasing Kim Kardashian for her fancy snow-covered Christmas decorations right before Christmas Eve.

The reality TV star, 53, shared a wintry scene from her holiday getaway in Aspen, Colorado, in a video posted on her Instagram on Sunday. In the video, Frankel jokingly teased, “Want to see Kim Kardashian’s living room? I’m here right now,” as she showcased the picturesque snowy landscape.

With a humorous tone, the Skinnygirl mogul quipped, “She did a good job with the decorations, don’t you think? God, I’m so glad she invited me.” Frankel then pretended to praise Kim’s decorating skills, saying, “This looks really good, Kim. Honestly, it’s some of your best work. Happy holidays!”


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‘Are you sour she didn’t invite you’

It appears Frankel’s video with the caption, “No one does holiday decorations like the Kardashians… Happy Holidays!” was not well received as comments were filled with netizens defending the SKIMS founder.

One commenter advised, “Leave people to have the Christmas decorations that they want…you do you.” Another questioned, “Are you sour she didn’t invite you, or are you being sarcastic?”

A netizen advised Frankel, saying, “@bethennyfrankel Really? Be better and don’t throw shade on another female.” Another added a gentle reminder, “Um, Bethenny, the universe is showing you you need to humble yourself; worry more about not giving away used makeup and less about people with more money than you. Have a blessed Christmas.”

‘It’s not shade, its just humour’

Frankel then had to rush to the comments section to clarify her intention, stating, “What’s funny is it’s not shade. It’s just humor.” To this, some commenters chimed in and agreed with Frankel.

“Yalllllll. While I don’t condone hate, but we have to have a smidgen of a sense of humor,” one person commented. “I follow Kim. This is literally what her hallway looks like. There was no malicious intent or ill will here. Y’all are reaching.”

“You are a pistol! Thanks for the holiday giggle,” a second person wrote. “@bethennyfrankel I’m crying laughing and all you people need to get thicker skin it’s a joke and obviously Kim loves any attention good or bad,” a defender chimed in.

“Omg! I laughed way too hard at this I bet Kim did too! She’ll get you back girl! You all have a very merry Christmas,” said one more.

How did Kim Kardashian decorate her house for Christmas?

Kim, known for her extravagant holiday decor, once again dazzled with her festive extravagance. Taking to Instagram, the entrepreneur, 43, showcased her $60 million Los Angeles property transformed into a winter wonderland, covered with snow.

The star also had snow-covered trees in the hallways, complementing the opulence of the season. Kim wrapped her presents in Skims fabric, adding a personal touch to the holiday festivities. Elevating the ambiance, she even enlisted a piano player to serenade the home with Christmas tunes every morning.