B.I announces comeback with new global album project

Credit: Instagram

All the B.I fans couldn’t be more excited as the South Korean rapper recently announced his comeback with a bang! The renowned K-pop artist released an announcement teaser while announcing the beginning of his global album project. So, this project is all set to take off from April 21, 2022. Moreover, what excites us more is the words that reflect on the monitor screen, including ‘Coming Soon,’ ‘Love or Loved (LOL),’ and ‘B.I 2022 Global Album Project.’

The Global Album Project

The list of hints that B.I has attached along with the announcement teaser is enormous. The most important ones are the keywords that include Pre Single, EP1, and EP2. All of them happen to hint at the list of activities that the Korean rapper has in hand for this year. Now, the question that the fans have in mind is concerning the kind of music B.I is working on meeting with his music fans again. The singer has been continuously working with domestic and international artists and producers for his global album project. So, the singer’s Love or Loved (LOL) is expected to open up with a high degree of perfection that he is usually known for.

Check out the announcement teaser below.


Did you know that B.I started with a new leap as a solo artist after releasing a full-length album? This album was titled Waterfall and was released 7 years after he made his debut as a singer and rapper. Moreover, B.I also released his debut Asian album in January in the US Grammys performance series titled the ‘Grammys Global Spin.’ Not only that, but he also received acclaim as a K-pop artist after this stint. If reports are to be believed, the artist has recently signed a contract with a large American agency named Wasserman through the American management, Transparent Arts. This agency is known for heralding active global music activities around the world.

For the unversed, B.I’s original name is Kim Han-Bin, and he was born on October 22, 1996. However, people know him professionally as B.I. He was one of the contestants on Show Me The Money 3 in 2014. He also debuted as the leader of the popular boy band iKon in 2015 under YG entertainment. He departed from the same band in 2019 to pursue his career as a solo artist. He was also appointed the executive director of IOK company in 2020.