BIGBANG’s Still Life makes a record by featuring on Spotify’s Global Daily Chart

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The BIGBANG fans are all excited as the band’s song has finally found its place on Spotify’s Global Daily Chart. Yes, you heard it right! This is the first time that the band has ever made an appearance on the charts of Spotify, much to the excitement of the fans. Moreover, the song that has been released is one of the most awaited numbers from the band’s side to date.

Yes, Still Life is the name of BIGBANG’s song that appeared on Spotify’s ‘Global Daily Chart’ at #115. It already has around 920,000 streams while marking its first time on the platform. This track has further maintained its top spot on the Melon Top 100 24 Hits. For the unversed, it is the largest music site in entire Korea. The same applies to other real-time charts like Bugs, Genie, Flo, and Vibe.


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More achievements of BIGBANG

BIGBANG occupied the Worldwide Song Chart for iTunes for not one but two days in a row. Still Life has topped the Top Song Charts for iTunes in 33 countries on the very first day of its release. It has gradually climbed the ranks in the mainstream pop markets like the UK and the US while further settling down in the list.

About the video

The music video, Still Life, includes serious emotional performances on the part of the BIGBANG members and numerous other symbolic metaphors. For the unversed, the music video is currently approaching around 20 million views which, in itself, is a record. It has also maintained its record as the number one most viewed video on YouTube within a span of 24 hours. That, in turn, also confirms the group’s original artistry. Moreover, the message in the video draws a lot of attention while touching the hearts of millions of fans.

BIGBANG - '봄여름가을겨울 (Still Life)' M/V

Did you know that BIGBANG released the song Still Life after a span of four years? Yes, that is right. Through this song, the group talked about the change and flow of seasons along with the cycle of the world, which tends to bloom and lose hopelessly. Moreover, its metaphorical meaning synchronizes with the concerns and thoughts of the past and the future.


The group consists of four members – T.O.P, G-Dragon, Daesung, and Taeyang. It was originally a five-member band. However, one of their group members, Seungri, retired from the entertainment industry in 2019. BIGBANG has been proudly dubbed the ‘Kings of K-Pop.’ Just like BTS, this band has also helped spread the Korean wave across the world. They are also considered one of the most influential K-pop groups in the world.