BLACKPINK and BTS top Brand Reputation Rankings in December


It’s that time of the month when your favorite K-pop groups rank on the charts over brand reputation. Yes, we are talking about the rankings released by the renowned Korean Business Research Institute. To everyone’s amazement, BLACKPINK has topped the rankings this time, followed by BTS and NewJeans.

For the unversed, the rankings for the same are calculated by analyzing media coverage, interaction, consumer engagement, and community awareness indexes for all kinds of idol groups. This particular data collection period started from November 14 to December 14, 2023. This gives valuable insights into the popularity of these groups.

Top 5 in the Idol Rankings for December

Let us have a look at the top 5 groups that held their heads high in terms of rankings this December.



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BLACKPINK, the group that had just renewed its contract with YG Entertainment, surged to the top of this month’s rankings. The group witnessed an impressive 118.35 percent surge in their brand reputation index since November. For the unversed, BLACKPINK reportedly got a total score of 5,711,207. The positivity-negativity analysis for the popular K-pop girls group also disclosed an e score of 93.09 percent positive reactions. This is a significant improvement because the same group held the sixth spot in the rankings just the previous month in November.



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The girls group was followed by NewJeans who scored second place. This time, they had a brand reputation index of 4,938,338. It also showed a 21.40 percent increase in their respective score from last month. For the unversed, the group held the third spot in November with a brand reputation index of 4,067,932.


BTS, all of whose members have now enlisted for the military, secured the third spot this month. They had a brand reputation index of 4,702,347. The group had claimed the top position with a brand reputation index of 6,057,076 last month. The positivity-negativity analysis for the Bangtan Boys also showed a score of 92.94 percent positive reactions in November.


The popular K-pop group secured the fourth position in the rankings with an index of 3,769,086. Notably, SEVENTEEN had landed in second place in November with a brand reputation index of 4,579,540. This also reflected a substantial 26.06 percent increase in their score.


IVE concluded the top 5 groups for December and secured the fifth spot. They had a brand reputation index of 3,345,070. Interestingly, the group also maintained its position in fourth place in November. At that time, its brand reputation index was 3,890,014.