BLACKPINK becomes the first female Asian group to break THIS record

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BLACKPINK embarked on their highly successful BORN PINK World Tour in September 2022, captivating audiences with mesmerizing performances, powerful dance routines, and outstanding vocals. On July 13, the group achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming the first Asian female band to sell over 1 million concert tickets. Touring Data reported that BLACKPINK accomplished this feat in just 44 out of 64 shows, solidifying their status as global superstars.

Unparalleled Success: Highest-Grossing Concert Tour by a Female K-pop Group

The unprecedented success of the BORN PINK World Tour extends beyond ticket sales. BLACKPINK’s remarkable performances propelled them to surpass the 100 million USD mark in ticket revenue, making them the first girl group to achieve this milestone. The tour has officially become the highest-grossing concert tour by a female K-pop group, reinforcing BLACKPINK’s influence and popularity.

Dominating Spotify: Most Streamed K-pop Songs by Female Artists

BLACKPINK’s achievements extend to the digital realm as well. On July 12, they made history on Spotify by occupying all top ten positions in the most streamed K-pop songs by female artists. Notably, rapper Lisa’s solo track “MONEY” surpassed the quartet’s hit “How You Like That,” accumulating over 822 million streams and securing the top spot. This remarkable accomplishment showcases BLACKPINK’s widespread appeal, attracting listeners beyond the boundaries of K-pop fandom.


BLACKPINK’s journey has been marked by record-breaking accomplishments and undeniable global success. From their extraordinary BORN PINK World Tour, where they sold over 1 million concert tickets, to becoming the highest-grossing concert tour by a female K-pop group, BLACKPINK continues to redefine boundaries and make an indelible impact in the music industry. Their dominance on Spotify further solidifies their position as one of the most influential and popular acts in the world. BLACKPINK’s unprecedented achievements exemplify their exceptional talent, universal appeal, and unrivaled passion, setting them apart as a global phenomenon.