BLACKPINK continues to dominate YouTube with 1.3 billion views for “AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST”


BLACKPINK’s global domination on YouTube continues as their music video for “AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST” surpasses a remarkable 1.3 billion views. The quartet, consisting of Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa, now boasts four music videos with over 1 billion views, solidifying their popularity worldwide.


A Stellar Achievement: BLACKPINK’s music video for “AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST,” released in June 2017, has reached a milestone of over 1.3 billion views on YouTube. The energetic beats, surprising drops, powerful vocals, and rap lyrics have captivated fans for over six years. The visually stunning video showcases the members enjoying themselves, emphasizing the idea of cherishing love as if it were their last time.

Stellar Growth Over Time

After an impressive span of 2,158 days since its release, “AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST” has joined BLACKPINK’s elite list of music videos with over 1.3 billion views. This achievement demonstrates the enduring popularity and longevity of the song, which continues to resonate with fans worldwide.

Unprecedented Success

The music video for “AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST” is now the fifth BLACKPINK video to surpass the 1.3 billion views mark on YouTube. Additionally, the performance video for “How You Like That” achieved the same feat, highlighting the group’s consistent and widespread appeal.


A Historic Milestone: BLACKPINK’s breakout hit, “DDU-DU DDU-DU,” holds the distinction of being the first music video by a female K-pop artist to surpass 2 billion views on YouTube. This achievement also makes BLACKPINK the first K-pop group, after PSY, to reach this remarkable milestone.

Beyond Music Videos

BLACKPINK’s popularity on YouTube extends beyond music videos. Their performances on music shows garner significant attention from fans. Notably, the B-side track “Pretty Savage,” performed on Inkigayo, has amassed over 300 million views, making it the most streamed music show stage video by a K-pop act.


BLACKPINK’s reign on YouTube continues as their music video for “AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST” surpasses 1.3 billion views, adding to their impressive collection of 1 billion-view videos. The group’s phenomenal success showcases its global impact and dedicated fanbase, cementing its position as one of the most influential acts in the K-pop industry.