BLACKPINK creates new Spotify record by crossing 2 billion streams this year

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The BLACKPINK members often make headlines for one reason or the other. Recently, the group grabbed the limelight again by achieving an extraordinary milestone on none other than Spotify itself. The reason? BLACKPINK has become the first-ever girl group to have surpassed 2 billion streams on the music platform.

This remarkable feat is even more noteworthy as it was accomplished without any new tracks or albums released in the current year. Fans around the world rejoiced at the group’s unparalleled success and eagerly awaited the possibility of new music from BLACKPINK later this year. In the meantime, we have a few more achievements to highlight here!

Lisa’s Solo Success Takes Center Stage

Lisa, one of BLACKPINK’s talented members, has been making waves with her solo releases. Her song ‘MONEY’ triumphed with over 15 million streams in France. If that was not enough, the French Record Association (SNEP) also recognized her outstanding performance and awarded her a ‘Gold’ certificate.

Global Recognition in the US Music Market

Lisa’s ‘MONEY’ also continued to make history by achieving over 1 million units sold in the US music market. This remarkable accomplishment earned her the prestigious ‘Platinum’ certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). As the first K-pop female solo artist to receive this honor, Lisa solidified her position as an international sensation. The diva also garnered immense recognition and appreciation from fans and music enthusiasts alike.

Lisa’s Unrivaled Social Media Presence

Beyond her musical triumphs, Lisa’s official Instagram account stands as a testament to her widespread popularity. With over 96 million followers as of June 29th, she holds the distinction of having the highest number of followers among Korean celebrities.

BLACKPINK’s Quirky Adventures

BLACKPINK’s official YouTube channel treated fans with a fun-filled video titled “BPM Roll #29” on July 29, 2023. Lisa was, once again, seen on an airplane in the video. It is where the singer expressed her excitement about the possibility of seeing quokkas. Fans overwhelmingly voted in favor, leading BLACKPINK to fly to Rottnest, a real island where they could encounter these adorable animals. Lisa’s infectious enthusiasm and willingness to fulfill her fans’ wishes further endeared her to the devoted BLINKs.


BLACKPINK’s continued dominance in the music industry, along with Lisa’s solo achievements and their engaging activities, exemplifies their immense talent and unwavering connection with fans. As they continue to break records and captivate hearts globally, BLACKPINK’s future endeavors promise to be nothing short of spectacular. Fans eagerly anticipate the group’s future releases and exciting adventures as their journey in the world of entertainment continues to shine brightly.