Blackpinks’ Jennie shines at Cannes

Credit: Instagram

BLACKPINK’s Jennie made a stunning appearance at the Cannes Palais des Celebrations for the world debut screening of HBO series ‘The Idol.’ Dressed in an elegant off-the-shoulder white dress, Jennie walked the red carpet alongside Australian singer-songwriter Troye Sivan. Her interaction with fans and media showcased her warm personality and love for her supporters. ‘The Idol’ marks Jennie’s first acting role, depicting the intricate relationship between pop idol stars and the cultural industry. As anticipation builds, this article explores Jennie’s red carpet appearance and her thoughts on debuting in the acting world.

Red Carpet Glamour: Jennie Shines at Cannes

Jennie stole the spotlight at the Cannes Palais des Celebrations, radiating elegance in her off-the-shoulder white dress adorned with a large black ribbon in her hair. As paparazzi from around the world called out her name, fans cheered passionately. Jennie’s graciousness was evident as she interacted with fans, signing autographs and engaging in conversations, showcasing her love and appreciation for her dedicated supporters.

‘The Idol’: Jennie’s Acting Debut

‘The Idol’ serves as Jennie’s first foray into the acting world, portraying the complexities within the relationship between pop idol stars and the cultural industry. Jennie takes on the role of Angel, a backup artist for Jocelyn, the main protagonist aspiring to become a pop star. The highly anticipated series is set to have its world debut at the Cannes Film Festival and is scheduled for release in June. Notably, ‘The Idol’ is the only production accepted into the festival’s non-competition category this year.

‘The Idol’: A Unique Collaboration

‘The Idol’ is a collaboration between pop star The Weeknd and HBO, co-created and starring The Weeknd (formerly known as Abel Tesfaye) and Lily-Rose Depp, daughter of Johnny Depp. Directed by Sam Levinson, known for HBO’s ‘Euphoria,’ the series explores the intricate dynamics between pop icons and the cultural industry. Additionally, Australian singer-songwriter Troye Sivan joins the cast, adding further excitement to the project.

Jennie’s Insight on Acting Debut

Jennie shared her excitement about venturing into the acting world, expressing her fascination with the connection between the music industry and her own industry in relation to her role in “The Idol.” She mentioned her admiration for director Sam Levinson’s work and considered this opportunity as a chance to be brave and true to herself. Despite not having any special preparations for her role, Jennie revealed that Sam wanted her to embrace her authenticity throughout the series.


Jennie’s appearance at the Cannes Palais des Celebrations for the world debut screening of ‘The Idol’ showcased her undeniable star power and red carpet glamour. As she embarks on her acting debut, fans eagerly anticipate witnessing her talent unfold in this unique series. Jennie’s passion for her craft, combined with her willingness to embrace new challenges, signifies a promising future in both the music and acting industries. With ‘The Idol’ set to captivate audiences in the coming months, Jennie’s versatility and dedication continue to solidify her position as a multifaceted entertainer.