BLACKPINK’s Jisoo pens a heartfelt note thanking fans after BORN PINK tour

Credit: Instagram

The BLACKPINK members’ Seoul concert lasted for two days and won the audience’s hearts like no other. From power-packed performances to emotional moments, the K-pop girl group made its presence felt at the grand event. The members caught everyone’s attention with their outstanding performances and impressive vocals as they completed their first part of the tour. The group will reportedly head to tour America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia in the coming months.

Jisoo’s emotional note

Now, one of the members, Jisoo, has expressed her gratitude to fans through her social media handle. She penned down an emotional note thanking everyone for their support. Here is what she said, “There were many ups and downs, but after it ended it remains as all happy memories thanks to Blinks!” She further said, “I am happy because I gained more strength so I think I will be able to go on tour.”

Jisoo further expressed her gratitude towards her crew for creating beautiful memories and concluded the letter this way, “Thank you so so much to our Blackpink members too and I love you. I’ll go and be back. I love you Blinks!”



The BLACKPINK members kicked off the tour in sync with the promotion of their second album, BORN PINK, on October 15, 2022, at the Olympic Gymnastic Arena in South Korea. The members also performed in the second show that was scheduled at the same venue the next day before heading to North America for their upcoming series of concerts.

One of the BLACKPINK members, Jennie, treated the fans by performing on one of her unreleased solo tracks that left everyone mesmerized. Not only Jennie but the group also unleashed the beauty of two tracks, Type Girl and Yeah Yeah Yeah, by performing live debuts on the same stage. The divas kicked off the show with performances on Pretty Savage and How You Like That as they dressed in custom ivory outfits that had Asian-inspired silhouettes and prints. Moreover, BLACKPINK member Rosé said, “It feels weird to perform in front of our Blinks after so long. I feel nervous and emotional and excited.”

Moreover, Lisa said, “It’s been so long since we performed in front of so many of our Blinks. I’m so happy to see not only our Korean Blinks but also Blinks from overseas. On the other hand, Jisoo reportedly said, “It’s so meaningful to start our tour in Seoul. We made some mistakes due to nerves since it’s been four years, but I hope you still had fun.”