BLACKPINK’s Lisa sets new record with exclusive performance video on MONEY

Credit: Instagram

The time has come again for BLACKPINK member Lisa to shine bright as she has created yet another fabulous record, much to the excitement of the fans. YG Entertainment, the agency associated with the popular K-pop girl band, has recently announced on social media that Lisa has hit yet another milestone. For the unversed, her exclusive performance video on the solo track titled MONEY has crossed 600 million views on the popular platform YouTube. Her performance video on the much-loved track has set the record for being the fastest K-pop video by a female artist to reach such an amazing milestone.

Check out YG Entertainment’s official revelation about the record on social media below.

Lisa’s MONEY had set yet another record earlier this year. The exclusive performance video crossed the mark of 500 million views on YouTube within just 172 days of its release, which happened in September 2021. The record made it the fastest K-pop video by a female artist to cross the said milestone. Did you know that another BLACKPINK member, Jennie held the same record earlier for her track SOLO?

For the unversed, MONEY was released as a B-side track from Lisa’s LALISA, her solo debut album. The upbeat track took around two months to reach the 300 million view mark on YouTube in November last year. The song did exceedingly well on other platforms and charts. It marked Lisa’s entry into the Billboard Global 200 chart after having peaked at number 10 in the same.


Lisa’s MONEY created a new record on Spotify by crossing 300 million streams within a matter of 112 days. If that was not enough, the track made a record of 400 million streams on the global streaming platform within 186 days of its release.

Lisa, who is a significant member of the K-pop group BLACKPINK, debuted solo on September 10, 2021, with her single eponymous album LALISA. It itself was a nod to her full name, which is Lalisa Manoban. It was a two-track single album with a self-titled lead number and a second single, MONEY. There is no doubt that both the singles shook the internet and broke countless records. Upon its release, the music video LALISA also set a Guinness world record for having gathered a massive number of views within 24 hours. It set the bar at a whopping 73.6 million and officially became the most viewed music video (debut) by any solo artist on the very first day.

Lisa is a Thai artist whose original name is Lalisa Manoban. The diva has inspired millions of fans around the world with her rapping, singing, and dancing. At the time when the BLACKPINK member made her solo debut in September 2021, her solo album Lalisa sold 736,000 in South Korea, which is a record in itself. It also became the most viewed video on YouTube in 24 hours. That, again, is a record that Lisa made as a solo Korean artist.