BLACKPINK Lisa’s MONEY reaches 1 billion streams on Spotify

Credits: Lisa/Instagram

In a groundbreaking achievement, Lisa, the K-pop sensation and BLACKPINK member has reached a significant milestone with her popular track MONEY surpassing 1 billion streams on Spotify. To commemorate this achievement, Lisa received a unique plate-shaped plaque from Spotify, symbolizing her incredible success in the music streaming world.

Lisa’s Celebration in Paris


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A special video posted by Spotify showcased Lisa unboxing her Billion Streams Plate at her residence in Paris. In a delightful twist, Lisa decided to celebrate the occasion by cooking her favorite Thai-style shrimp omelet, known as Khai Jiao, using the plaque as a serving plate. Fans were treated to an inside look at Lisa’s unique and iconic way of celebrating this remarkable achievement.

MONEY Joins the ‘Billions Club’ Playlist

Lisa’s MONEY has now joined the official ‘Billions Club’ playlist on Spotify, alongside other chart-topping hits like BTS’s Dynamite and Butter. This accomplishment made Lisa the first soloist to enter the prestigious club, highlighting the global impact of her music. The video capturing Lisa’s celebration also featured her reflecting on her journey and expressing gratitude for the overwhelming support from fans.

Jungkook’s ‘Seven’ Fastest to Hit 1 Billion Streams

While Lisa’s MONEY is a trailblazer in its own right, Jungkook’s latest song, ‘Seven’ has set a new record by becoming the fastest track to reach the one billion mark on Spotify, surpassing Lisa’s achievement. The ‘Billions Club’ playlist continues to showcase the immense popularity of K-pop, including tracks from BTS and BLACKPINK.

MONEY’s Journey from B-side to Global Sensation

Originally released in September 2021 as a B-side track from Lisa’s debut solo EP LALISA, MONEY gained viral traction online through various platforms. Recognizing its popularity, the song was later released as the second single from the album in November 2021, solidifying Lisa’s solo success.

BLACKPINK’s Contract Renewal Talks

While fans celebrate Lisa’s individual accomplishments, there is also anticipation regarding the contract renewals of BLACKPINK with YG Entertainment. In response to queries, the agency stated, “We are negotiating with the artists regarding their exclusive contracts,” leaving fans eager for updates on the group’s future endeavors.