BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s LALISA creates Spotify record with 1.2 billion streams

Credits: Lisa/Instagram

Lisa’s debut single album, “LALISA,” has achieved a groundbreaking milestone by surpassing an astounding 1.2 billion streams on Spotify. The album also consists of just two tracks, which makes it the first K-Pop soloist and debut album to achieve such a feat. Lisa’s immense popularity and success have solidified her position as a true music icon in the industry.

Fastest K-Pop Soloist to Reach 1.5 Billion Streams on Spotify

In addition to the success of “LALISA,” Lisa has made history as the fastest K-Pop soloist to accumulate an astonishing 1.5 billion streams on Spotify. This remarkable achievement was accomplished through just four sensational songs, showcasing the global appeal and impact of her music.

MONEY Surpasses 850 Million Streams on Spotify

Lisa’s sensational track “MONEY” continues to break barriers, amassing over 850 million streams on Spotify. This achievement marks a historic milestone, as it becomes the first song by a female K-pop act and a K-pop soloist to reach such an impressive stream count.

Nearing the Spotify Billion Club

With “MONEY” gaining immense popularity and streams, it is on the verge of entering the prestigious ‘Spotify Billion Club,’ an extraordinary accomplishment for both South Korea and Thailand. The track’s global appeal has captured the hearts of fans worldwide, contributing to its massive success.

Dominating the Spotify Thailand Weekly Chart

“Money” maintains its dominance on the Spotify Thailand Weekly Chart, holding the top position as the longest-standing song by an Asian soloist. This further cements Lisa’s position as a beloved and influential artist in her home country and beyond.

Impressive Global Update on Spotify

Despite its original release back in 2021, “Money” continues to gain momentum globally. Recently, the song registered a significant update on Spotify, garnering more than 2.966 million views. This accomplishment reflects Lisa’s enduring popularity and the lasting impact of her music.


BLACKPINK’s Lisa has undeniably made history and proven herself as one of the most accomplished solo artists in Asia. With her debut single album “LALISA” and the sensational track “MONEY,” she has shattered records, reached remarkable milestones, and captured the hearts of fans worldwide.