BLACKPINK members called out for BAD performance

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BLACKPINK has recently found itself embroiled in a controversy following its July Encore performance in 2023. Despite their efforts to entertain their massive global fandom with their endearing gestures, performances, songs, and dance routines, a French news outlet has reportedly criticized them for not delivering an up-to-the-mark performance.

Criticism from French Media

The French news outlet La Parisien took a critical stance towards BLACKPINK’s July Encore performance. They went as far as labeling it as the worst international act and ranking it at the lowest position. Their critique centered on several aspects of the performance that they found lacking.

La Parisien’s criticism touched on various aspects of the performance, including the choreography. They argued that it appeared too textbook and lacked the innovative flair that BLACKPINK is known for. Furthermore, they noted issues with members walking in front of each other due to miscommunication, which might have disrupted the overall flow of the show.

Questioning the Stage Presence

During the latter part of the performance, La Parisien reported that Jennie abruptly left the stage, leaving the remaining members to engage with the audience by calling out to fans holding posters. This unexpected incident raised questions about the group’s stage presence and professionalism, according to the same French outlet.

Fan Attendance and Ranking

It’s worth noting that BLACKPINK’s concert at the State De France on July 15 attracted a significant audience of 55,000 people, demonstrating the group’s substantial global popularity. However, La Parisien’s ranking seemed to diverge sharply from this reality. The news outlet awarded the highest rank to The Weeknd’s concert instead of the South Korean girl group.

Fan Reactions and Opinions

The controversy sparked discussions and debates among fans and observers. BLACKPINK’s dedicated fanbase, known as BLINKs, expressed their support for the group and defended their idols against the criticisms raised by La Parisien. Fan reactions ranged from disappointment in the news outlet’s assessment to arguments that the performance was indeed enjoyable and engaging for the majority of attendees.

In the world of entertainment, opinions on artists’ performances can be highly subjective, and it’s not uncommon for different audiences to have varying perspectives on the same show. BLACKPINK’s global fanbase remains steadfast in their admiration for the group, and the controversy surrounding their July Encore performance is likely to be just a passing moment in their illustrious career.