BLACKPINK members create THIS new Spotify record with BORN PINK

Credit: Instagram

BLACKPINK, the iconic South Korean girl group, has achieved a historic milestone by surpassing over 2 billion streams on Spotify globally for two of their albums, “BORN PINK” and “THE ALBUM.” This remarkable achievement cements BLACKPINK’s status as the only girl group in history to accomplish such a feat.

The K-pop girl group’s albums “BORN PINK” and “THE ALBUM,” have not only entered the elite 2 billion streams club but have also earned the distinction of becoming the fastest albums by a girl group to reach this extraordinary milestone.

BLACKPINK’s Ongoing Dominance

BLACKPINK has consistently redefined the K-pop landscape and continues to leave an indelible mark on the global music scene. “THE ALBUM” by BLACKPINK made history as the first album by a K-pop girl group to amass over 2 billion streams on Spotify, surpassing previous records held by artists like Little Mix and Fifth Harmony. This monumental achievement was accomplished in just 17 months following the album’s release in October 2020.

While “THE ALBUM” celebrated its remarkable achievement, another BLACKPINK record, “BORN PINK,” swiftly took its place at the top. “BORN PINK” became the fastest album by a girl group to reach 2 billion streams, accomplishing this historic feat in a mere 11 months since its release in September 2022. This achievement highlights BLACKPINK’s enduring popularity and the global resonance of their music.

BLACKPINK’s Recent Ventures

Following the release of “BORN PINK,” the group embarked on their Born Pink World Tour, which commenced in Seoul in October 2022. This world tour has been nothing short of a phenomenon, boasting sold-out venues and becoming the highest-grossing concert tour by a female group since the Spice Girls.

The group is set to conclude their tour with two final encore concerts in Seoul in September 2023, wrapping up a record-breaking journey. In addition to their album achievements, BLACKPINK also expanded their musical reach by releasing a new single titled “The Girls.” This single is part of the soundtrack for their mobile game, “BLACKPINK: THE GAME,” further showcasing the group’s versatility and creativity in the world of entertainment.