BLACKPINK members’ potential collaboration with Columbia Records fuels rumors

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The ongoing speculation surrounding BLACKPINK’s potential exit from their current agency, YG Entertainment, has once again been stoked by recent social media activities from Lisa and Rosé. Although no official statements have been made by either YG Entertainment or the BLACKPINK members themselves, fans have been closely monitoring these developments.

While Jennie recently debuted with her second solo single, hinting at an ongoing relationship with the agency, Lisa and Rosé’s online interactions have sparked fresh rumors. Notably, these activities suggest the possibility of a collaboration with Columbia Records, a major US record label.

Lisa’s Instagram Activity

On October 15, keen-eyed BLACKPINK fans noticed interesting engagements on Lisa’s Instagram account. It appears that the CEO, the manager of digital marketing, and the creative specialist from Columbia Records are all following the K-pop idol. Additionally, Jennifer Mallory, the President of Columbia Records, has followed all four BLACKPINK members, namely Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé. These actions have intensified speculations of potential collaboration with the renowned US record label.

Rosé’s Meeting with Columbia Records CEO

Prior to Lisa’s Instagram activity, fans were abuzz when Rosé was seen dining with the CEO of Columbia Records. The viral picture further fueled anticipation of her upcoming solo album and sparked numerous rumors of a potential partnership in the US music industry.

BLACKPINK’s Future with YG Entertainment

While these developments are significant, many fans believe that they may not necessarily indicate a complete departure from YG Entertainment. It’s not uncommon for K-pop groups to collaborate with international record labels while maintaining their existing management structure. For instance, YG Entertainment’s boy group, TREASURE, entered into a partnership with Columbia Records, marking a collaborative venture between leading Korean entertainment agencies and US record labels. In this case, YG Entertainment expressed confidence that the group would strengthen its presence in the US market with increased appearances on American television and the availability of its recordings in major retail stores, potentially contributing to its success on the Billboard charts.