BLACKPINK reigns December 2023 girl group brand reputation

Credit: Instagram

BLACKPINK, the powerhouse girl group that recently inked a renewed contract with YG Entertainment, has once again asserted its dominance by claiming the top position in brand reputation for girl groups in December 2023. The Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute’s report, analyzing brand big data from November 10, 2023, to December 10, 2023, reveals the staggering success of BLACKPINK in various indices.

BLACKPINK’s Soaring Brand Reputation

With a brand reputation index of 6,148,842, BLACKPINK has outshone its competitors, showcasing a remarkable increase of 55.71% compared to November’s brand reputation index of 3,948,959. The group’s participation index stands at 225,420, media index at 1,051,802, communication index at 1,660,991, and community index at 3,210,629.

NewJeans Secures Second Place

In second place, NewJeans recorded a brand reputation index of 4,730,218. Despite a slight 0.02% decrease compared to November, the group demonstrated significant strength with a participation index of 462,740, a media index of 1,114,443, a communication index of 698,020, and a community index of 2,455,015.

IVE Takes the Third Spot

IVE secured the third position with a brand reputation index of 4,547,363, reflecting a 1.82% decrease compared to November’s index of 4,631,502. The group’s participation index stands at 312,256, the media index at 862,594, the communication index at 1,286,030, and the community index at 2,086,482.

BLACKPINK’s Global Impact

BLACKPINK’s swift ascent to worldwide recognition began in 2016 with their single “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du.” Leaders of the Korean Wave, the group recently received the Member of the Order of the British Empire award from King Charles III at Buckingham Palace, a testament to their global influence.

Since their debut in 2016 with the single album “Square One,” featuring hits like “Whistle” and “Boombayah,” BLACKPINK has consistently pushed boundaries. The group’s achievements include winning an MTV VMA award for Best Choreography for their album “Pink Venom.”