BLACKPINK’s Rosé makes an exciting announcement about 2024 season’s greetings

BLACKPINK members YG Entertainment

BLACKPINK’s Rosé surprised fans with a delightful announcement about her upcoming 2024 season’s greetings, offering a unique twist by featuring her adorable pet dog, Hank. The songstress recently unveiled preview images, providing a glimpse into the enchanting aesthetic of the anticipated season’s greetings.

Captivating Preview Images

In the preview images, Rosé exudes elegance, donning a black and white off-shoulder dress with a bow, perfectly complementing her blonde hair adorned with two small braids in black ribbon. The singer is captured in a luxurious dining room adorned with vintage-looking cutlery, accompanied by her beloved pet dog, Hank. Another image showcases Rosé in a long white netted ballroom skirt and slip-on crop top with green petal designs, set against the backdrop of a vintage woody house’s living room. The room is tastefully decorated with beautiful vases, candles, and plants, creating a visually stunning ambiance.

Rosé’s Distinctive Style

Known for her unique style, Rosé effortlessly blends glamour with a touch of vintage charm in the preview images. The singer’s ability to create visually captivating aesthetics adds an exciting dimension to the upcoming season’s greetings, promising a treat for fans who eagerly await the release.

About Rosé

Rosé, born Roseanne Park, has become a global sensation as a distinguished South Korean artist and a vital member of BLACKPINK. From her debut in 2016 to her solo endeavors in 2021, including the impactful solo album “R -,” Rosé continues to leave an indelible mark on the K-pop scene. Beyond her musical prowess, Rosé’s appearances at prestigious events like the Met Gala reinforce her status as a pioneering female K-pop idol on the international stage.