BLACKPINK’s album BORN PINK breaks record by surpassing 2 million pre-orders

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YG Entertainment, the agency associated with BLACKPINK, had yet another grand announcement to make on August 25, 2022. The agency has revealed that the pre-orders for the K-pop girl group’s second regular album, BORN PINK, scheduled to be released on September 16, 2022, have exceeded a whopping 2 million copies. Talking about the album, it had previously recorded 1.5 million orders within a week of the start of the pre-ordering schedule. It shows how much popularity the album has heralded within a short time.


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More records on the go!

For the unversed, about three weeks are left for BORN PINK’s grand release, and from what we can see now, it seems to be aiming for a whopping sales of around 3 million copies. The anticipated record is sure to make the album a double-million seller! Talking about BLACKPINK, the K-pop girl group is, once again, proving its overwhelming presence in the pop market with the pre-released song titled Pink Venom. The song is from the same album BORN PINK and has broken multiple records already after its pre-release.


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Pink Venom

Pink Venom is the second album pre-release song of the BLACKPINK members. Earlier, when the track’s MV was released, the number of concurrent users on YouTube Premiere was confirmed to be around 2.5 million. This also makes for the highest record for any K-pop girl group. For the unversed, Pink Venom’s music video had earlier also achieved 100 million views at the fastest speed, which is 29 hours and 35 minutes, among other K-pop girl groups.

On August 22, 2022, the group wrapped up with a whopping 10 million streams and above on the track’s very first day on the popular music platform Spotify. Now, Pink Venom has become the biggest K-pop song to debut on the platform in 2022. It has beaten BTS’ Yet to Come in the said category. Apart from that, the song has also topped the Global Top 50 chart of US Spotify. It is the first-ever song by Korean female artists to have achieved the feat.

BLACKPINK’s world schedule

On August 8, 2022, YG Entertainment, the agency associated with BLACKPINK, released the group’s ‘BORN PINK’ world schedule, and it seems like all of them are going to drop in at some of the most amazing places for the grand event! For the unversed, the world tour is supposed to start from October 15 this year in Seoul to June 21 next year in Auckland, New Zealand.