BLACKPINK’s Jennie becomes 2nd K-pop female soloist to enter UK’s Official Singles Chart

Credit: Instagram

BLACKPINK’s Jennie has achieved a significant milestone with her solo debut single “You & Me” as it enters the UK’s Official Singles Chart, marking her as the second K-pop female soloist to reach the top 40 on this prestigious chart.

Jennie, who is an inevitable part of BLACKPINK, made her solo debut on the UK’s Official Singles Chart, securing the No. 39 spot. She now joins a select group of K-pop female soloists who have made it to the top 40 on this chart. Previously, her fellow BLACKPINK member Jisoo made history when her solo debut track “FLOWER” entered at No. 38 this past April. “You & Me” has further elevated Jennie’s solo career by topping both the Official Singles Sales Chart and the Official Singles Downloads Chart, making her the first female K-pop soloist to achieve this feat.

Success of “You & Me”

Jennie’s second solo single, “You & Me,” released on October 6, has garnered remarkable success both domestically and internationally. The song achieved the No. 1 spot on the MelOn Top 100 chart in South Korea, despite the absence of promotions or music show appearances since its release.

Jennie presented “You & Me” as a gift to her fans, who supported her throughout BLACKPINK’s Born Pink World Tour, which concluded in September 2023. Furthermore, the Coachella version of the song earned a place in the Top 20 of Spotify’s Global Top Songs chart, debuting at No. 18. This accomplishment was fueled by an impressive 4,660,153 filtered streams within the first 24 hours of the song’s availability on Spotify.

JENNIE - ‘You & Me (Jazz ver.)’ LIVE CLIP

Exploring Different Versions of “You & Me”

Jennie added a unique twist to her musical offering by releasing a jazz version of “You & Me” on October 11. This version was accompanied by a live performance clip, showcasing her musical versatility and artistry. As a celebrated artist known for her distinctive musical talents and singing-rapping style, Jennie continues to captivate her audience with her work.

In summary, BLACKPINK’s Jennie has made history by entering the UK’s Official Singles Chart with her solo debut, “You & Me.” Her remarkable success on various charts further solidifies her status as a prominent figure in the K-pop industry and beyond.