BLACKPINK’s Jennie Cheers for WOODZ at OO-LI world tour opening night in Seoul

Credit: Instagram

On October 28, 2023, Korean solo artist WOODZ kicked off his highly-anticipated OO-LI world tour with a spectacular opening night in Seoul, South Korea. The concert was attended not only by enthusiastic fans but also by several notable K-pop artists and celebrities, including the vivacious BLACKPINK’s Jennie. Her unwavering support for her friend WOODZ was evident through her lively presence at the concert and her subsequent Instagram posts.

Jennie Shares Her Joy

Jennie, radiating excitement and happiness, showcased her support for WOODZ’s electrifying performance on her Instagram account. She graciously offered fans glimpses of the thrilling OO-LI concert. Following the show, Jennie took a backstage photograph sharing the frame with more friends and applauded WOODZ for his sensational performance.

A Star-Studded Audience

Jennie wasn’t the only K-pop star in attendance. MONSTA X’s I.M, also known as Im Chang Kyun, was present in the audience, appreciating WOODZ’s incredible stage presence. BTOB’s Eunkwang, attending a WOODZ show for the first time, was utterly captivated by the performance. He went live on Instagram to share his experience, recounting his coincidental encounter with MONSTA X’s I.M.

About WOODZ’s OO-LI World Tour

WOODZ embarked on his OO-LI world tour in support of his fifth mini-album, “OO-LI,” which was released in April 2023. The album features the lead single “Journey” and includes a pre-released track called “Abyss.” With a total of seven tracks, the physical album offers three distinct versions, delighting fans with a variety of collectibles.

Celebrities in Attendance on Day 1 and Day 2

Day 1 of the OO-LI world tour drew various celebrities to the concert. The famous Kwon Twins, known as Deukie and Dony, professional dancers in their own right, also shared their attendance on Instagram. On the second day, SEVENTEEN’s Vernon was spotted at the concert, dressed casually for the occasion. NMIXX member Haewon, Produce X 101 ex-contestants Han Seung Woo and Park Sun Ho, and P1Harmony members Theo and Jongseob also graced the event with their presence.