BLACKPINK’s Jennie dominates “2023 Entertainment Industry Power People” list as top soloist

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The recently unveiled “2023 Entertainment Industry Power People” list by JoyNews24, based on a survey involving 200 industry experts, has positioned BLACKPINK’s Jennie as the leading soloist. Despite not making an official comeback in the year, Jennie secured the 4th place on the list, standing out as the highest-ranking soloist.

BLACKPINK’s Collective Impact

Surprisingly, BLACKPINK as a group also made a significant impact on the list, securing the 7th place with a total of 9 votes. This accomplishment is noteworthy, considering the group’s absence from any official comebacks during the year. BLACKPINK’s enduring influence in the entertainment industry is evident, solidifying its status as a power player.

Jennie’s Individual Achievement


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Jennie’s individual recognition on the list is a testament to her enduring popularity and influence in the K-pop landscape. Despite her solo activities and projects taking a back seat in the year, she earned 10 votes, sharing the 4th place with other influential figures. Impressively, this marks the second time in the decade that Jennie has appeared on this prestigious list, making her the sole soloist to achieve such a feat during this period.

Full Ranking Highlights

The comprehensive list also includes other notable personalities and groups, with BTS claiming the top spot with 35 votes. Lim Young-woong secured the second position with 30 votes, followed by NewJeans in third place with 19 votes. The diverse range of individuals and groups featured in the ranking reflects the multifaceted nature of the Korean entertainment industry.

Jennie’s Impact Beyond Comebacks

Jennie’s recognition on the “2023 Entertainment Industry Power People” list underscores her impact as a solo artist, extending beyond traditional comebacks. Her influence is not only measured by music releases but also by her presence, influence, and resonance with industry experts. As the only soloist achieving this milestone in the decade, Jennie’s place in the upper echelons of K-pop is firmly established.