BLACKPINK’s Jennie reflects on pivotal moments as a trainee rapper

Credit: Instagram

Blackpink’s Jennie joined Dua Lipa on her podcast “At Your Service” for a candid discussion about identity, both culturally and as a musician. Jennie made some first-time confessions, revealing her struggle with being pigeonholed into rapping as a Korean idol trainee due to her fluency in English. The podcast provided insights into Jennie’s journey of self-discovery and the importance of maintaining her own identity throughout her trainee days.

Finding Identity Within the Training System

Jennie emphasized the significance of preserving one’s identity and character within the rigorous training system. She mentioned that those who understood this importance, including herself and the other Blackpink members, were able to find their own voice and character. Jennie acknowledged the challenge of satisfying the expectations of those they worked with while also figuring out who they were and how their identity would shape their future. Despite the numerous trainees they trained with, their labels recognized something special in them.

Struggles with Being Labeled as a Rapper

Credit: Instagram

Jennie shared that she initially embraced rapping due to the English language aspect of her work. However, as she ventured into singing and music, she discovered a love for playing with her vocals, a side of her that she hadn’t been able to explore as a trainee. Jennie revealed a phase where she resented rapping, feeling that it wasn’t the artistic path she had envisioned for herself. However, after taking time off and reflecting on her performances, she accepted that rapping was a part of her but also discovered a new side that hadn’t been fully explored.

Empowerment and Breaking Boundaries

Jennie discussed how starting her career as a K-pop artist limited her ability to show various sides of herself. Over time, she gained the confidence to express herself freely, viewing it as breaking boundaries and paving the way for others in the Korean entertainment industry. Jennie mentioned her song “Tally,” which included explicit language, as an example of breaking personal boundaries. Initially hesitant, the support of fans allowed her to embrace and enjoy the song fully.

Overcoming Struggles and Growth

Jennie shared her journey of learning to take care of her body, particularly regarding injuries sustained during performances. She highlighted the importance of understanding her body’s limitations, such as her discomfort with heels, and expressed a desire to improve and share her progress with fans. Outside of Blackpink, Jennie described herself as a curious and adventurous person, always seeking to learn and experiment with new things. She enjoys immersing herself in different environments and adapting to them, which she attributes to her upbringing.