BLACKPINK’s Jennie sets new Spotify record with 18 million monthly listeners

Credit: Instagram

BLACKPINK’s Jennie continues to make waves in the music industry, setting a remarkable record on Spotify and reaffirming her influence in the world of music. Here’s a closer look at her recent accomplishments:

Jennie’s monthly streams on Spotify have surged to an impressive 18 million, establishing her as the first female South Korean solo artist to reach this milestone. This record-breaking achievement places her ahead of several prominent South Korean artists, including RM, Taehyung, J-Hope, Jimin, SUGA, Jin, and even her fellow BLACKPINK member, Lisa.

Success of “You & Me”

Jennie’s Spotify achievement is closely tied to the overwhelming success of her hit single, “You & Me,” released on October 6. The song has quickly become a global chart-topper, making its mark on various platforms, including Billboard, Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, MelOn, and more. Fans have embraced the track with fervor, even prior to its official release. In addition to the original version, Jennie has treated her fans to a performance video, a Coachella mix, and a jazz rendition, all of which have garnered significant attention for their quality.

800 Million Spotify Streams

Jennie’s Spotify success extends beyond her recent single. In total, she has amassed a staggering 800 million streams on the platform across all her credited tracks. It’s a remarkable achievement, considering that she has released only four single tracks. Jennie’s captivating visuals and outstanding music have solidified her reputation as a prominent artist. Her influence reaches far beyond her home country. In the Chinese music scene, she has demonstrated her prowess, with digital sales surpassing an impressive 350,000 in the country.

Contract Renewal Speculations

While BLACKPINK members continue to exert their influence in both the music and fashion industries, the status of their contract renewal with YG Entertainment remains a subject of speculation and uncertainty. There have been reports suggesting that Jennie and Jisoo may explore the possibility of establishing their own agencies.

Jennie’s record-breaking achievement on Spotify, her phenomenal success with “You & Me,” and her continued influence in the music industry highlight her as a highly influential South Korean solo artist. Her exceptional talent, stunning visuals, and dedication to her craft continue to earn her a dedicated global fan base and industry recognition.