BLACKPINK’s Jennie to Make Highly-Anticipated Appearance on Dua Lipa’s Podcast

Credit: Instagram

Grammy award-winning singer Dua Lipa recently revealed an exciting announcement regarding the third season of her podcast, ‘At Your Service.’ The surprise guest for this season is none other than Jennie Kim, a member of the popular K-pop group BLACKPINK. As the news broke, fans eagerly awaited this special episode, which promised to be a captivating and insightful conversation.

The Announcement and Shared Excitement

The announcement was made by Dua Lipa herself on Spotify, where a preview of Jennie’s voice was shared. In the preview, Jennie expressed her aspiration to introduce Korean music to a wider audience, drawing from her personal experience of living between two cultures. Both Dua Lipa and Jennie conveyed their excitement to reunite and share this space together after their previous collaboration on the hit single ‘Kiss and Make Up.’ The anticipation was not limited to the artists alone, as fans and audiences alike expressed their eagerness for the upcoming episode through social media.

A Dream Collaboration

The collaboration between Jennie and Dua Lipa has been highly anticipated. The two artists have shared a strong bond ever since their initial collaboration. Their friendship has been evident through their appearances together and Jennie’s enthusiastic attendance at Dua Lipa’s concerts. Dua Lipa had expressed her desire to have Jennie as a guest on her podcast from the beginning, and overcoming obstacles, including opposition from Jennie’s agency, YG Entertainment, makes this collaboration even more significant.

‘At Your Service’: A Platform for Captivating Interviews

Dua Lipa’s podcast, ‘At Your Service,’ is renowned for its captivating interviews with prominent personalities from various fields. The show provides valuable insights, practical advice, and recommendations for listeners. Previous seasons have featured notable guests such as Edward Enninful, Elton John, Russell Brand, CL, Megan Thee Stallion, and many more. Season three will continue this tradition of excellence with guests like Penn Badgley and Billie Eilish. Jennie’s appearance on the podcast adds to the excitement as fans anticipate the intriguing conversation and personal revelations that will be shared.

A Must-Watch Episode

The upcoming episode of ‘At Your Service’ featuring Jennie Kim is set to be an extraordinary moment for fans and music enthusiasts. With Jennie’s passion for introducing Korean music to a wider audience and Dua Lipa’s acclaimed hosting skills, this collaboration promises to be a captivating experience. As fans eagerly await the episode’s release, they can anticipate gaining valuable insights into Jennie’s journey and the bond between two talented artists.