BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Creates New Record with Solo Album ME, Here’s How

Credit: Instagram

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo has become the first K-pop female soloist to achieve over 1.5 million album sales on the Circle Chart. This milestone is all the more significant, considering that Circle Chart did not exist during the eras of previous K-pop stars like BoA and Hyori. For the unversed, the diva’s debut album, titled “ME,” has not only broken records but also cemented its place in South Korean music history as the best-selling album to date. What’s striking is that even months after her solo debut, Jisoo’s album continues to maintain a steady and robust sales performance.

Lisa and Rosé Join the Record-Breaking Streak

The achievement streak doesn’t stop with Jisoo. Fellow BLACKPINK members Lisa and Rosé have also made remarkable strides in their solo careers. Lisa’s solo debut album “LALISA” has secured a triple platinum certification from Circle Chart, having sold an impressive 850,000 copies. Furthermore, Lisa’s debut track, “MONEY” achieved a significant milestone by surpassing 900 million streams on Spotify, making it the first solo song by a female K-pop artist to achieve this feat. With these accomplishments, Lisa now holds records for the most-streamed solo song and album in the history of K-pop.

Rosé, too, has contributed to BLACKPINK’s solo success. Her first single album “-R-” has crossed the 830,000 sales mark on the Circle Chart, solidifying its place as the third best-selling album by a female soloist in the history of the chart.

BLACKPINK’s World Tour 

BLACKPINK’s influence and global reach have been underscored by their extraordinary world tour achievements. The group has recently sold out concerts in 34 cities across North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, totaling 64 concerts in an impressive span of 11 months. Notably, the group is set to make history by becoming the first K-pop girl group to perform at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, South Korea. With a seating capacity of 20,000 individuals per concert, this monumental finale to their world tour serves as a testament to BLACKPINK’s explosive comeback.

Throughout their tour,  the K-pop girl group’s performances have captivated audiences across various cities, showcasing their unparalleled talent and energy. Their involvement in other prestigious concerts during their tour further underscores their commitment to their craft and their fans. As their monumental world tour draws to a close, the BLINKs are eagerly anticipating this historic performance.