BLACKPINK’s Jisoo crosses 100 million streams on Spotify with ‘All Eyes on Me’

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Credit: JISOO Instagram

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo has achieved yet another milestone and her fans are elated about the same. Her track ‘All Eyes on Me’ crosses 100 million streams on the popular musical platform Spotify. She had a lot of achievements with her earlier track Flower and now, the case seems to be the same for her latest track.

All Eyes on Me’s New Record

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo’s latest solo triumph is all about ‘All Eyes On Me’ as the track crosses 100 million Spotify streams. Her enchanting vocals and charismatic presence have always resonated with fans worldwide. This has definitely contributed to the continuous success of all her solo releases. All Eyes On Me’s record has once again shown the kind of fanbase she has across the world.

Now, the best part is that not only Jisoo but the other members of BLACKPINK have also achieved significant milestones in their solo tracks and albums. Jisoo has just joined the bandwidth and the BLINKs are awaiting more news!

Jisoo’s Solo Venture

As reported earlier, all the members of BLACKPINK have renewed their group contract with YG Entertainment, the agency associated with the group for the longest possible time. However, none of the members renewed their individual contracts with the agency. This was followed by Jennie announcing her own personal label, ODD ATELIER.

On the other hand, the latest reports state that Jisoo has joined her brother’s company. Yes, that’s right. She will be managing her activities under her older brother’s company BIOMOM. It specializes in healthy, functional food for infants and toddlers, and is led by Jisoo’s brother Kim Jung Hun.

As of now, the same company has expanded into the entertainment industry with the launch of a new branch called BLISSOO. The recruitment notice for BLISSOO is reportedly accompanied by Jisoo’s photo. This particularly highlights the company’s commitment to growing its entertainment business worldwide with the participation of the prominent BLACKPINK member.

The company is reportedly also hiring staff for various roles. This includes the roles of video content managers and experienced artists responsible for security. Despite all the buzz, a BIOMOM representative has recently expressed uncertainty about the much-talked-about connection between BIOMOM and BLISSOO. Here is what the source said, “It is difficult to define the relationship with BLISSOO, and we do not even know the CEO’s family relationship.”