BLACKPINK’s Jisoo has a recommendation for fans and its related to Jennie

jisoo from blackpink

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo recently surprised her fans on Weverse by sharing her current favorite song. During a lively interaction on the platform, a fan inquired about her “song of the day.” The fan cheekily suggested that it might be her own solo debut track, “Flower,” from the album “ME.” Jisoo playfully responded by revealing that she was actually enjoying one of her teammate Jennie’s songs. The song in question was “You & Me.” Her casual endorsement of Jennie’s second solo track delighted fans and showcased her supportive camaraderie with her fellow BLACKPINK member.

Jennie’s Gift to Fans: “You & Me”

Jennie’s “You & Me” was released in October 2023 as a special gift to her fans. Prior to its release, she had performed the song on the Born Pink Tour, building anticipation among her admirers. The track comes in multiple versions, including an Original, Coachella, and a Jazz rendition, all of which showcase Jennie’s versatility as an artist.

“You & Me” on the Charts

The song quickly gained traction and achieved remarkable success on various music charts. It topped the iTunes chart worldwide and maintained its position for over five consecutive weeks. “You & Me” also made its mark on Spotify’s Daily Top Songs chart, securing the 13th position with over 23 million streams in a single week. Furthermore, it entered the Billboard Global 200 chart at an impressive No. 7, highlighting its widespread appeal and impact on the global music scene.

Support Amid Uncertainty

This heartwarming interaction between Jisoo and fans takes on special significance amid ongoing discussions about Blackpink’s contracts and future endeavors. Jisoo’s support for Jennie’s solo work serves as a reminder of the close-knit bond among the Blackpink members and their dedication to uplifting one another.