BLACKPINK’s ‘Kill This Love’ makes new YouTube record with 25 million likes

BLACKPINK members hang out with Selena Gomez Singer shares adorable photo
Credit: Instagram

BLACKPINK has once again etched its name in the annals of music history. Their music video for “Kill This Love” has achieved an astounding 25 million likes on YouTube. This particular milestone not only secures their place as K-pop royalty but also elevates them to a unique status in the YouTube universe.

In an unprecedented feat, the K-pop girl group has become the first and only female artist in YouTube’s history to reach this remarkable milestone. The achievement places them in an exclusive league alongside another global pop sensation, Billie Eilish.

“Kill This Love”

“Kill This Love” was released in April 2019. There is no denying that the track served as the electrifying lead single for BLACKPINK’s second Korean language EP, bearing the same name. The EP was a sonic masterpiece, featuring an array of chart-toppers such as “Don’t Know What To Do,” “Hope Not,” and the iconic “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du.”

The Contract Renewal Discussion

The BLACKPINK members recently completed their long Born Pink World Tour. Now, the girl group is at the epicenter of industry discussions regarding their potential contract renewals with YG Entertainment. While official statements confirm ongoing negotiations, the grapevine is abuzz with speculation. Reports suggest that Rosé has already penned a contract extension. On the other hand, Lisa, Jennie, and Jisoo are contemplating new connections with different agencies.

The Agency’s Stock Performance

YG Entertainment experienced a significant 13% fluctuation in its stock value on September 21, 2023, because of the speculations around BLACKPINK’s contract renewal process. Now, only time will say whether the K-pop group will make a comeback with the same agency or move forward with other ventures.